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Brands are like people. When someone truly loves their work, they shine. They radiate purpose and people are drawn towards them; brands are no different.  we help brands to radiate and attract a target audience which evolves into sales.
Today, growing a brand is about finding out the values that consumers share and leveraging those in a way that spurs organic, exponential growth.  In order to shape the growth of your brand, we start every engagement with an open, collaborative discussion about your brand’s vision, goals and an exploration of your unique ideas.
Our core purpose is to create a brand strategy to shape the success of your brand, turning your vision into reality.
We do this through creative design, innovative point of sale, signage, quality printing and personalised merchandise.
We offer brand strategy to companies & brands
Our approach is to look at your current branding, openly discuss your vision for your business,
brainstorm ideas on how we are going to achieve your vision and
then develop a plan to suit your budget.
What does brand strategy mean?
A brand strategy is a long-term plan to develop your business or brand in order to achieve specific goals.
A well-defined and executed brand strategy is driving by the organisational goals.
A brand strategy is targetted directly to your consumers needs, emotions, and competitive environments.
When a company has created and executed a successful brand strategy,
their consumers know without being told who the company is and what they do.
We work with
 – new businesses on their branding and help them develop a brand strategy, we work with them on the design of their new company logo, office stationery, signage, clothing, etc.
 – existing companies on their current branding.
We work with existing businesses and brands on a daily basis, who want to push their business forward and need a hand to do.  We work with numerous brands always on a daily basis working through their strategy and making sure  their business objectives are being met.
 – rebranding an existing business.
Often businesses have been in operation for some time and they want to freshen their existing branding or change it completely, depending on their company objective.  We will work with them on their new logo and strategy to make sure it will work for the current business it has developed into.
Every customer is unique. That’s why we customize every one of our plans to fit your needs exactly. Whether it’s a small strategy or a comprehensive effort, we’ll sit down with you, listen to your requests, and prepare a customized plan. 
There’s no challenge too big or too small, and we dedicate our utmost energy to every project we take on.


An effective ad campaign is the right combination of message, frequency, placement and timing and that takes skilled research. At Jungle, we believe that our clients need an advocate in this media-dominated culture and that’s what we do. We study the audience intensively and analyze the relevant data, create compelling and strategic messaging, build campaigns with the appropriate level of frequency and get it at a fair price. Our campaigns connect and convert consumers into community. We build brands that create believers.


Monitoring how people take in the world around them and understanding how fast media consumption is evolving is our passion. Creating effective brand engagement in today’s world takes a seamless media integration based on expertise, research, technology, relationships and strategy. Our adaptive and holistic approach to communicating brand stories allows us to create measurable and scalable campaigns to achieve maximum ROI.



Good design is not only visually compelling; it makes an impact. We believe in curating creative with a purpose to convert and enhance how customers experience your business. Achieving brand excellence is our hallmark. People connect with human experiences, and our designs aim to tap into that. Inspiring engagement through quality design is what we aim to produce.

An effective brand strategy defines your company’s identity, differentiates your business from competitors, and creates value for customers. To build a unique brand, we understand what it takes to develop a consistent voice that people can trust. Our team designs print collateral and digital assets that leave a lasting impression of your company.

We combine creative ideas, strategy and technology to deliver integrated digital solutions; whether it’s a simple e-shot or a full blown customer marketing campaign. To achieve a successful online marketing campaign, your key messages should be placed on multiple internet channels.

As well as communicating directly with your prospects and existing customers in email, your marketing messages need to find their way onto networks, blogs, podcasts, social groups and communities. Together, this can be a powerful ‘marketing mix’ that needs to be available for all mobile devices and tablets and should be tracked, monitored and analysed in order to see the true return on investment.

marketing has proved to be the most effective marketing method for doing business online. The focus is on creating quality content that will make people gravitate towards your company and your products and services. The content must be in tune with your customer’s interests. This means that they will be naturally attracted to your offering, making it easier to convert the online relationship into a new business opportunity. We recognise that sharing content specifically designed to appeal to your target audience is a powerful selling tool. It can also help to engage and retain existing customers.

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