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Advertising in Newspaper Inserts

Flyers, Leaflets, and Inserts are typically printouts on various sizes of quality paper which include the very gist of what a business is about. With the increase in the number of people going places nowadays, public handouts have become a great path of reaching out to customers and advertising a brand or a service. Fulcrum Resources takes up this opportunity to create and build custom leaflets and flyers with appropriate intricate designing and bold use of colors to make it as attractive as possible. This results in an engaged mass of public taking active attention into the advertisements printed on the papers.


Customers expect a pretty good value exchange for giving up personal information. Make sure you’re rewarding their trust, loyalty, and behaviors that help keep your customer-to-brand relationships strong. Send relevant communications in real-time via Flyers, Leaflets and social media to customers who are at your location (or nearby) in a critical moment of decision or influence.

Fulcrum Resources is a leading Pamphlet/Flyer/Leaflet insertion service provider through newspapers. We undertake paper insertion service in all areas of Bangalore in languages such as English, Hindi, and Marathi.

We help you cover different localities and household. Other than household, we also carry leaflet distribution activities through hand-to-hand process, circulations in schools, colleges, IT zones, malls, etc. Our service is quick, efficient and result oriented. Choose us to experience:

  1. Cost effective direct marketing
  2. Reach more than 95% of your market
  3. Experience greater visibility
  4. Build brand image
  5. Achieve target oriented delivery
  6. Develop enhanced communication
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