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Increase your app downloads and sales with app marketing services from Fulcrum

Fulcrum  is a Professional app marketing and Btl agency, mobile app Street marketing. We serve for Mobile App Development Companies and help them to increase no. of download of their apps. We specialize in promotional / marketing activities in the  App Store,  Google Play market and Amazon  Store. Our talented team of professionals possess the skills to expose, brand, and market your products in an effective manner.

We offer the opportunity to easily market developer’s products directly to their target audiences in the areas of public relations, product placement, marketing plans and promotional strategies. We offer highly effective marketing services that can greatly increase your app’s media visibility and media publicity levels. To experience marketing at the highest level, promote your iPhone/iPad/Mac and Android application on the App Store and Google Play market with us and let us take care of all your marketing needs.

We help you solve your marketing challenges to get to the human aspect of connecting with the people you serve. Fulcrum gets you to the heart of who your customers truly are so you can connect with them meaningfully and personally. We go beyond superficial personalization to help you treat your customers like the wonderfully complex and unique humans they are.

Here’s how we can help you

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We give you rich  fieldwork team,  data about your customers, the intelligence and execution fieldwork team  to take action on that data, and the marketing channels to engage personally and meaningfully. And, we offer Services to bring it all together and drive your business outcomes.

With so much competition among mobile applications today, not only you need a highly functioning application, but also requires a good marketing strategy to users in a very attractive way. Standing out from your competition and showcasing the uniqueness of your application are essential to drawing in more users.

To guarantee local marketing effectiveness, top corporate marketing teams practice the following:

  • They know how local marketing campaigns align with the brand’s overall marketing plan
  • They have defined local marketing campaign goals and objectives
  • They select the right channels to communicate with local consumers
  • They create an actionable plan and empower local affiliates to work independently
  • They monitor local campaign effectiveness and learn from the results

mobile app Street marketing Professional

We are  not only increase the number of downloads of the app, but also encourage consumers to engage with the app regularly. 

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We provide User Acquisition services to startups and small & medium enterprises.

The anatomy of a marketing campaign

Marketing activities require careful planning so that every step of the process is understood before you launch. Because a marketing campaign is tactical and project based, you need to map out the process from the initial promotional tactic to the ultimate outcome.

  • Pick your target audience: Who are you interested in attracting?
  • Set your goals : What do you want to accomplish with this campaign and how will you measure performance?
  • Determine your offer: What incentive will get their attention?
  • Identify your channel: What media channels will you use to promote this offer?
  • Create your Team: How will you get the user to take action?
  • Nurture the lead: How do you help your visitors with their buying journey?
  • Track and measure results: How will you measure success?
Get stronger mobile app Street marketing campaigns out that have higher conversions that actually drive better business outcomes.

We offer mobile application marketing services that are aimed at two very important elements to inspire users to download and use them. Without the proper marketing, your application will be left in the dust by other heavily promoted apps.

The most important elements that we focus on in our marketing plan include:

Identifying The Need of the Application

We use our expertise and knowledge of the market to identify the prospective clients who will need and utilize your application so that our mobile app development agency can better package the application for them.

You will find that our marketing strategies are novel, unique and proven. We strive to fulfil the commitments that we have made to our clients and use everything in our marketing arsenal to bring your mobile application to the top.

Sales Campaigns that Drive Conversions

A local sales campaign is a planned selling strategy that uses one (or more) marketing channels to reach potential customers and bring them in the door. The most effective local sales campaigns focus on a target audience with a specific promotion and call to action. Successful promotions are enticing, with strong offers and messaging that reflects what consumers like about the brand. Most sales campaigns only run for a short period of time, which is part of their appeal for local partners. By putting a time limit on the promotion, they encourage consumers to act quickly. Examples of top sales campaigns include:

Product Launch Campaigns: Great brands run campaigns whenever they launch a new product or service. These help to familiarize the consumer with the new offering and they can also get a lot of publicity for the brand, if done well. Corporate marketing teams get local affiliates involved in these efforts by creating in-store collateral and promotions that trumpet the “best new thing” the brand is offering.

Promotional Campaigns: Brands initiate promotional campaigns to proactively sell certain products or services. The goal is to boost total sales for a given offering. For example, promotional campaigns are a great way to capture the customer’s attention when capturing customers in the first place is a major challenge, like in the fitness industry. Not only can the right deal or offer almost guarantee the customer will convert this time, it also gets them into the actual store (or gym) where they’re more likely to become a loyal fan.

Seasonal Campaigns: Brands often run seasonal campaigns around special shopping holidays. It’s an obvious win. From Black Friday to New Year’s Clearance events, seasonal events like these are a guaranteed way to boost in-store sales. Consumers expect the sales, know they’re coming and love them.

Seasonal campaigns for things such as the Holidays or Fourth of July can also help brands connect with their consumers in a new and relevant way. When campaigns are launched and strategized effectively, you can really tap into the consumer’s hopes or nostalgia around a given season. This is where local affiliates can shine.

Awareness Campaigns to Maximize Brand Exposure

An awareness campaign is a deliberate strategy to teach consumers about the brand and get them to associate with the brand for their buying needs. Every brand invests in some kind of awareness-generating marketing. But for new and emerging brands these awareness campaigns are absolutely crucial. Not only do corporate teams need to be incredibly strategic in promoting their brand and expressing the value to the consumer, that experience needs to be on-point at the local level as well.

Franchise owners need to understand the brand’s mission, values and unique offering inside and out. Alongside the efforts that corporate is making to raise the brand’s profile, the local store owners also need to advocate for the brand, often much more so than at established franchises. On top of that, for awareness campaigns brand consistency is even more important. Examples of top awareness campaign include:

Brand-Building Campaigns: Brands run these bread-and-butter marketing campaigns when they need to boost brand awareness. Typically, these types of campaigns involve some type of storytelling that showcases the brand’s unique personality. The campaign explains why consumers should love the brand, not just buy from it. Marketers have to get the essence of the brand right to pull these off well.

Running Local Campaigns Consumers Love

The world’s most successful local marketing campaigns are more than just great advertising ideas or impressive commercial partnerships. The most effective local campaigns engage customers, increase positive perceptions of the brand, tap into new markets, and ultimately, boost local sales.

Launching a successful local marketing campaign of your own starts with a clear organizational structure. Do you have the marketing assets, templates, and more needed to get the local marketing campaign off the ground? Do you have a real understanding of local audiences and the channels they use and are most likely to respond to? Do your local affiliates understand what is required of them in order to make the local marketing campaign a success? Get to the heart of these and other questions to lay a strong foundation for local marketing campaign success.

seller acquisition Corporate Activities

Not only do we design and promote mobile applications, but we also use extensive research methods to determine if there is a similar application already on the market. We then use our talent and outside of the box methods to consult you on how to present your mobile application so that it is different from all the others.

seller acquisition Corporate Activities Success

We are proven leaders in mobile application marketing. Our talented team will work to ensure that your application yields rich dividends in the future. Our Skills, Experience, Innovation, Creativity, and useful resources make the difference.

Promoting Your Brand

With all of the necessary data at your fingertips and a solid general concept for your app and your business, you can start successfully promoting your app and brand using mobile app marketing. You can use a few different techniques to drum up new users and to keep current users from getting bored with the app.

mobile app android Feet On Street marketing

Never underestimate the power of traditional  promotions. Invest some money into your business and your app and run burst campaigns that can help you get featured on a Top Charts list. Burst ad campaigns will promote your app through internet ads that will generate traffic to your website and app. The more downloads you get in that time the higher you’ll rank in the app stores. Once you get the attention in the app store you will get more organic downloads and can decrease your spending on marketing.

What to do Before App Launching

If you are creating a new app and not looking to promote an established app, there are certain things you should do before you launch your app. Like any good marketing campaign, the work always starts before the campaign is launched or, in the case of new apps before the app goes live.
You should start by choosing an audience or customer base. When you know who you are marketing to selling your brand is much easier. Think about your demographic from a broad perspective and then narrow it down as best as you can so you can target a select audience instead of a general one.

We at Fulcrum, offer innovative mobile app Street marketing, mobile app marketing services for your mobile apps. Mobile app is booming in the industry and there is a competition to get your app noticed in the market.

strategy to execution, we manage Full on ground marketing campaigns across multiple City like Nallagandla, Hyderabad that deliver the best ROI.

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Community Engagement

How much are you involved in your community, as an individual? Depending on the type of person you are, you might be involved a lot, a little, or not at all. On an individual level, community engagement is one of those things that is a choice. As a business, however, that choice becomes a crucial part of your marketing campaign.

Of all my offline marketing ideas, this one is pretty critical. People love to support local businesses. It’s become the “thing” to do these days. People feel a lot of pride knowing that a successful business runs out of their area. If you can properly engage with your community, that pride will skyrocket. Harness that pride, and turn those people into customers.

 Offer Coupons

Everybody likes coupons, right? Why not incorporate something that everyone likes into your marketing campaign? This one can really draw in new customers. It’s easy to consider buying something you might not otherwise splurge on, if you can get it cheaper.

This one of my offline marketing ideas can really stir up interest in your products. The difficult part is making sure that those one-time customers convert into customers that keep coming back for more. Make sure the coupon is for a service or product that will hook people into wanting more!

Cross Promotions

Cross promotions are what offline marketing ideas are often built on, and this is because they built rapport between your business and another business. Not only are cross promotions effective, but they give you a chance to work together with a similar business.

Say you know of a small store on the corner. You could reach out to the owners of that store and say that you’d like to do a giveaway. You’d provide them with some free products, and they would draw people to their store with those products. Everyone wins!

This could also work well in reverse. If you know a small business that needs a platform, and you have one, host their products instead. You scratch their back, and they’ll scratch yours.

mobile app Street marketing

It used to be that reading the newspaper was as pivotal to the morning routine as a cup of coffee. Even as technology advances and more news outlets offer online versions of their publications, many people still read the paper. Those people might just be potential customers.

Run an ad in your local newspaper. Maybe even try reaching out to several of your most local newspapers and asking to get in. They’re generally not too expensive to put an ad in, and you’ll be seen by a lot of local people who will be interested in your business.

Sponsor a Community Event

Sponsoring a community event is one of those feel-good offline marketing ideas. Not only do you get seen, you get to make everyone feel good about you being seen.

Community events are often looking for sponsors. You get to put your name all over the event, and they get to afford to host it. The host will be thankful, the attendees will be thankful, and you’ll be thrilled to help out the community.

Rent a Billboard

Offline marketing ideas in the media don’t stop at TV and books, of course. The billboard is a traditional ad medium, and, when done correctly, can really work wonders.

The trick is to not be bland. Be eye-catching. Be bold. Be funny. Be whatever you need to be to tell people they NEED to check out your business. The most successful billboards make people do a double-take, or at least keep people thinking while they pass by.

When we’re driving, we’re surprisingly open to suggestion. Put your call-to-action out there on a billboard, and drivers will follow it!

mobile app Street marketing Professional in Nallagandla Hyderabad

Get Creative with Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing has seen a ton of success in recent years. If you can lead a marketing campaign with a solid guerilla-based approach, you’ll see a huge return on your investment. Of all the offline marketing ideas I’ve listed here, however, this one can be the most challenging. Not because it’s costly, but because it’s so difficult to predict the results.

Originality doesn’t come easily. A genius guerrilla marketing idea doesn’t come out of thin air. You need a good team to brainstorm with, and you need a lot of energy focused into creativity. A business owner generally doesn’t have a lot of time or mental energy left at the end of the day. I’d highly suggest getting a team to help you come up with a unique and creative guerrilla idea, and then spread it everywhere you can.

Street Advertising , mobile application Hoardings

As you probably well know, graffiti is a form of vandalizing which is often frowned upon and is classed as criminal damage in most countries. With this in mind, why on earth would companies risk fines and prosecution by doing it? Well, there is a way to get around this legal complication by “reversing” the graffiti.

Also referred to as “reverse graffiti” or “clean advertising” the process involves blasting dirt off the ground in a specific area in order to generate a word or logo. By using large stencils, the process takes only a few minutes, and the results can last for months. Considering there is no paint being put on the ground, it can’t be classed as criminal damage.

seller acquisition product sampling

For retailers, the best defense against new and existing threats is a loyal customer base. Your app is the best way to cultivate that loyalty. What other channel gives you a direct connection to your customers anytime, anywhere?

Even better, with effective app marketing, you can translate that loyal user base into more revenue for the business. That’s why retailers using Localytics have found that on average, their app customers are 5x more valuable than customers who don’t use the app.

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