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Are You Ready for Experiential Marketing

Are You Ready for Experiential Marketing?


A recent study indicated that more than half of marketers (51%) plan to invest more in experience based marketing in 2016, aiming to create a closer bond with customers by engaging them in fun and unforgettable experiences.

The problem is that while consumers may have embraced experiential marketing, marketers themselves have not necessarily adopted a vision, or established processes and procedures for implementing those experiences.

Here is a checklist of what to consider prior to embarking on an experiential marketing project:

  1. Brief

A quick overview of the project.

  1. Objective

What is the ultimate goal of the campaign? The key to an effective marketing campaign is to be sharply focused.

  1. Audience

Identify who your ideal audience is. How do you want them to react to this experience? How should we communicate with them to get that reaction? It’s almost impossible to effectively market to everyone all at once. Instead, concentrate your efforts where you have decided you need it the most.

  1. Specifications

Consider any details or limits related to your existing brand guidelines. Fire up your creativity to brainstorm ideas and experiences which have not been done before. Ideally, design an expertiental project that appeals to all five senses in order to maximise the impact on your audience.

  1. Budget

Deciding upfront what the budget is reduces stress and unnecessary tension later into the project.

  1. Timing

Agree a specific timeline – considering internal factors (such as stock, staffing etc) and external factors (such as sports events and school holidays)

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