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Automotive Marketing

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive industry verticals in the world. There are over a billion vehicles on the road around the world, and the competition to provide parts and accessories has quickly shifted to a digital battleground, with competitors from developing countries placing substantial pressure on established brands. Competition among vehicle manufacturers is similarly stiff, with established brands competing with challengers like Tesla for their share of nearly 100 million automobiles that are purchased each year.

Today’s consumers look to the internet when purchasing a vehicle, part, or accessory. Digital competition is fierce, with automotive-related search terms being some of the most competitive on the web. Brands looking to build awareness through exposure desparately seek to be one of the 2-3 top search results that the average internet user visits prior to making a purchase. Brand loyalty is as vital to ongoing success as ever, and smart brands are focusing on using digital marketing to improve brand recall through search exposure, retargeting, and other digital marketing strategies.

Looking for an MOT for your automotive website?

Your website is the key to global growth for your brand. 97% of customers use the internet for vehicle research, and 70% spend more time researching online than they do asking questions offline prior to purchasing a vehicle.

If you sell parts or upgrades, you should know that automotive shoppers are 71% more likely to be influenced by digital advertising than the average consumer. Part of being a successful brand is offering great customer support, and automotive consumers prefer digital support channels throughout the consumer lifecycle.


Firm understanding of Automotive brands needs

Whether your brand has been around for five decades, five years, or five minutes, the internet marketplace represents an enormous opportunity for global growth. Excel Force has a special dedication to the automotive industry – our founder leads a racing team that competes in multiple motorsports, and we’ve been working with automotive brands for over 20 years.

Excel Force offers a full suite of digital marketing services designed to help automotive brands build and expand their online presence. From search engine optimisation to social networking strategy, Excel Force expert team can help you build a digital brand and drive revenue online.

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