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Branding and Brand Communications Agency

build outstanding brands, turning their vision into reality. We unite clear strategic thinking with exceptional creativity so our clients enjoy the success of their brand and reap the financial rewards.

we specialise in branding and design for luxury, property and education. Brand strategy lays the foundation for all our creative work, from naming a company, service or product, to creating your brand’s visual identity and brand guidelines. Then we help you bring your brand to life across digital – websites, ecommerce and online marketing including SEO, SEM, PPC and social media – marketing collateral and packaging design.

We are an independent, Pune-based branding agency with communications expertise, reach your target audience , proven results and a relentless energy to push your business further.

By affecting genuine cultural change, we drive results – but not just with direct response and recognition metrics. We help our clients cut to the chase.

Through the tools we provide, they experience profound improvements in business culture, efficiency and performance. Creativity is in our hearts and, in this respect, we excel. But, we are here to drive business results – it just so happens that creativity is one large piece of the jigsaw.

We believe there is a lack of brand understanding in the digital space. We create brands from scratch and introduce brand thinking to digital activations, to fill that gap.

We create and develop brand communications across all channels. It doesn’t matter to us if we’re tasked with brand identity, website, campaign, or the whole lot – each part affects the whole.

The feel-good factor that clear brand communication brings cannot be underestimated, but it’s the increase in productivity and, more importantly, the extra motivation it brings for your customers that will ensure you survive and thrive.


We consider every aspect of a brand’s visual and verbal language. We work with clients to build and strengthen emotional connections with brands.

Being curious brings new territories and valuable insights to deliver stronger, more effective work. And that’s what we, at Curious, are passionate about.

Our services span the whole mix: brand creation, brand strategy, brand identity, design, naming, advertising, digital, motion graphics, tone of voice… it all starts with the needs of your brand.

A Positive Difference
We are always challenging our clients to identify what really drives them: the reason they get out of bed. Customers want brands with purpose.

Our Services
Whatever your business problem, we’ve got the know-how to solve it.

Using powerful tools to understand your audiences, we help you get to the heart of their needs and shape your brand communications strategy to create impact.

Our agile methodology distils everything your brand is into one core model, to act as the reference point for how your entire brand looks, thinks and speaks.

Copy is king. We’ll expertly craft copy that reflects your business values across all touchpoints, including tone of voice documents, brochures, websites and more.

Your identity is the heart of your brand. We can help you decide on a brand name if needed and create a unique logo and visual language that will last.

Whether you’re after a full website, microsite, app or a whole series of ads – we’ll maximise the value of your brand and bring it to life online.

From outdoor campaigns to premium brochures, we’re experts in print and know exactly how to design and produce printed collateral for your brand.

Art Direction
Above all, we’re a team of creatives and love nothing more than creating a beautifully crafted visual language, bespoke to your needs.

Integrated Marketing
You’ve got a media plan, but what’s the ad? We provide campaign creation and development across all channels: print, outdoor, digital, social and direct mail.

Action! Whether film, animation or photography – we’ll produce stunning creative content to help you stand out on and offline.

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