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Choosing a logo and brand name

    Choosing a logo and brand name


    Your logo and brand name are part of your corporate identity, which includes the visual elements people associate with your business, such as your letterhead, business cards, packaging and advertising.

    Brand vs. logo
    A common belief is that a brand is simply a logo. The logo is just one part of a brand – although it’s often the element that’s most widely seen and remembered.

    A whole range of other design elements can convey a brand and help make it successful. For example:

    A logo should embody the key ingredients of the brand in a distinctive, recognisable way. For more information, see branding – the key ingredients and branding: the basics.

    Creating a logo can help your business by:

    enhancing the experience you deliver
    improving the feeling of brand spirit across the business
    representing a reassurance
    acting as a guarantee of quality
    How to create a logo
    To create a logo, you will probably need to commission a graphic designer who is used to creating visual languages that communicate values as well as information.

    A graphic designer will make sure that the logo:

    is designed so that it can be printed or reproduced according to the media you use
    conveys the right message about the business
    fits with your business image and branding
    Find out how to choose and work with a designer.

    Importance of brand name
    Your brand name is important in setting the tone and personality of your brand and should reflect your overall brand strategy.

    A brand name may be:

    descriptive – the name states what the brand is or what the product or service does
    evocative – it suggests associations to the brand without describing the offer precisely
    abstract – it makes no reference to the nature of the business
    Choosing the right brand name can be difficult. It’s important to check that names aren’t already in use and protected by trade mark law. Find out how to search for trade marks and read top tips on selecting a strong trade mark.

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