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Community Management

Community Management

Social Media is all about connecting with one another over shared interests. As a brand, it’s your goal to be that shared interest. If you hope to accomplish that, you’ve got to have an effective strategy for building, engaging, and leveraging a community.

Building Communities

Whether your marketing strategy calls for participation on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any number of niche sites, your early strategy will be based on establishing your brand and building an audience. We work with your internal marketing team to leverage social initiatives, current events, content marketing, and strategic communication to draw new users into your community.

Leveraging others’ influence

Odds are that there are established partners, thought leaders, and influencers on any given platform that are relevant to your brand. We work with them to leverage their reach and influence to build your sphere of influence.

Current events

Social Media users react to and discuss current events on a global scale around the clock. We help brands take advantage of current events in real time through branded content and real-time communication. Reacting in real-time to a power outage at a sporting event, a victory by a local sports team, or a popular news story can place a brand in the middle of a conversation that millions of people are taking part in.

Using your content

Content marketing is a great way to kick-start conversations on social media. We coordinate your social media strategy with your content marketing strategy, and build engagement drives around content releases to leverage organic interest, shares, and conversation. We also use your content in strategic situations, such as when a current event or problem arises. This allows us to keep your content top of mind over long periods of time.

Strategic communication

There’s an art to how, when, and with who you engage with on social media. We use a strategic communication strategy to create and take part in conversations in a manner that is conducive to building awareness, promotes your messages, and builds your following. We engage with partners, clients, and public figures through social media, all with the goal of building brand awareness and promoting key interests and initiatives.

Reputation management

When a consumer is angry or upset with a brand, they often take to social media to air their grievances. We develop response strategies in advance, and monitor social platforms for negative posts around the clock so that we can quickly respond and use the situation as an opportunity to build brand awareness and goodwill.

It’s not enough to exist on social media today. Successful social strategies require around-the-clock monitoring, long-term planning, real-time reaction, and constant organic engagement.

The ExcelForce social media team manages large communities for clients on dozens of social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Reddit, and more. If you want to build your presence, protect your brand, and drive conversions through social media, consider choosing ExcelForce as your social media partner.

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