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Consumer Onboarding Strategies for SaaS Businesses

    Consumer Onboarding Strategies for SaaS Businesses
    Have you ever wondered what all it takes to be a successful enterprise and stand ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer onboarding?

    Well, one of the most significant cardinal differences is that successful enterprises invest in maintaining a better relationship with their clients.

    This also means they treat their potential clients in a way better manner right from the onboarding process and then deliver them a remarkable journey.

    As per surveys, 63% of consumers consider a company’s onboarding program when they’re about to make a purchasing decision.

    So, does it mean that not paying adequate attention to a great consumer onboarding process would drastically affect sales?

    Unfortunately, yes!

    Besides spending endless hours in creating B2B SaaS marketing campaigns with great content to nurture your leads, if you’re not paying attention to consumer onboarding practices, everything goes in vain.

    Let’s learn the essential client onboarding strategies for SaaS businesses that yield better conversions when you have already allocated resources in terms of time, money, and energy for acquiring your consumers.

    What is Consumer Onboarding?
    Let’s first quickly understand what consumer onboarding is. In simple words, consumer onboarding introduces your product to new users that helps them understand how to leverage it at its best.

    A well-structured consumer onboarding plan will surely help your potential clients comprehend your product’s capabilities that would further ensure they become loyal consumers soon.

    An enterprise should understand the importance of a well-structured framework that quickly guides new users regarding your SaaS product and its USP (unique selling point).

    Whether it’s a personalized welcome or product demonstration, everything adds value towards your brand reliability that helps potential clients convert easily.

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    Since you’ve learned a lot about the consumer onboarding process and its importance, let’s glance at the strategies that can be quite helpful in creating the finest SaaS onboarding process.

    #1. Consumer Expectations Now Matters More than Ever
    Different strokes for different folks, which is perhaps the reason enterprises must understand that every client is different, and understanding their unique requirements is vital.

    Many SaaS-based product companies come up with the same onboarding policy that may work for a few users, but most of them won’t find it valuable.

    Creating user personas can be quite beneficial for companies, along with more emphasis on problem-solving content.

    Once the real-life problems of diverse types of targeted users are addressed, you can start creating meaningful journeys by softly pitching your product as the ultimate solution for every issue.

    #2. Focus on Core Features
    Whenever a user purchases any SaaS product, they’re generally having a problem and are generously looking for a solution for the same.

    They land on your website and come across the product introduction to learn more about its features and its abilities to help them perform a task conveniently or efficiently.

    Since your product may have many great features that different consumers would love, they have most likely landed to use your product for one specific reason.

    Hence, you need to focus more on that. Don’t just overcrowd your product introduction with a bunch of features at once.

    Creating an onboarding strategy around your product’s core features could be a game-changer for your business.

    Make sure your potential clients are comfortable with the product first, and then you proceed with the introduction of additional features.

    #3. Progressive Profiling- More Stages Fewer Steps
    Adding more stages to your onboarding strategy is perhaps the key to win consumer trust and navigate conversions without any hassle.

    Users get distracted from the onboarding process when they come across sign-up forms with a lot of fields. Since your competitors are just a click away, you need to leverage the potential of progressive profiling at the earliest.

    For this reason, adding more stages to your onboarding process with minimal steps can significantly boost your conversions.

    LoginRadius can be the ultimate solution for designing the best onboarding strategy that helps in creating personalized experiences to build richer profiles to earn consumer trust.

    Choose which data you want to gather through various stages of a consumer’s journey. With LoginRadius Progressive Profiling, custom workflows allow consumers to share information as they continue to interact with your brand. You can set your own rules to suit your business requirements and win your consumers’ trust.

    Apart from this, make sure you avoid:

    Adding unnecessary information fields in the sign-up form
    Email newsletter/industry updates pop-ups in the early interactions
    Asking users to rate and review your product too soon
    All these practices can help in building trust in your potential clients, which further increases the chances of conversion.

    Final Thoughts
    SaaS-based enterprises need to quickly gear up for adopting the smartest onboarding strategies that not only improve conversions but eventually prevent consumer churn.

    As an enterprise, you may have a lot of information regarding your potential client, but it’s always a great idea to optimize your product information for a flawless onboarding journey.

    LoginRadius can be your best onboarding partner that can help increase conversions and also minimize consumer churn.

    With a long list of features to enhance your business growth, LoginRadius paves the path for a successful onboarding journey.

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