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Consumers, Brands & Activation

Consumers, Brands & Activation

At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards with official sponsor CoverGirl we saw how they engaged their consumers via a multi-faceted approach: their #Covermoment campaign, pre-show TV advertising, mentions in celebrity messaging and a targeted social media contest. Winners of the social media consumer promotion contest won a fly away VIP experience to attend the VMAs in LA.

Consumers aged 12 to 34 submitted, via Twitter and Instagram, their ideal looks if given the opportunity to attend the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Their choice in make-up application, hair styling and wardrobe were evaluated by a beauty panel, which made final cuts and ultimately the selections for the grand prize.

The social media contest was a huge success attracting thousands of submissions. The campaign encouraged people to engage with the brand by being creative with CoverGirl products. Interaction over social media increased brand exposure; amplified through each entrant’s own social media network. The result reinforced that attending the MTV VMAs is on the wish list of their target market, but also the effectiveness of a campaign that allows the virtual and physical worlds to meet.

Brands have recognized that millennials seek experiences and with growing competition there has been a surge of creativity to increase sponsorship ROI. CoverGirl effectively used social media to increase their engagement in and around the VMAs. There were 14 CoverGirl consumers who were given the once in a lifetime experience to attend the MTV Video Music Awards and be pampered like celebrities. And while #Covermoment is the official stamp for the campaign, we’re certain the activation will be stamped in the memory of the winners.

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