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Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. It is not just about building and publishing a great software in a leading app store or ad network. It is also about wise and strategic mobile app marketing solutions that include several fundamental points to consider. The process of mobile app marketing is very complex, and requires a certain set of steps that must be followed. This kind of mobile marketing always needs a successful strategy that have to be implemented after deep analyses of a target audience. It is not enough to develop a product, and place it at online store. Once you plan to develop really successful and useful app, your mobile advertisement, including greatly written mobile marketing strategy and marketing solutions must be generated in advance.

Our professionals use various channels to attract as many customers as possible. Our team of experts pay maximum efforts to provide every client with the best promotion solutions and marketing strategies. With the key aim to deliver your app to the highest customer and user and rank  at Apple Store and Google Play, we use the latest innovations in field marketing and the checked methods of mobile app marketing.


Merchant Registration

Retailer Registration

Seller  Registration

Customer Acquisition


Data Collection Made Easy

Collect Data Or Vendor Sing Up Anytime, Anywhere, Any Categories With Fulcrum Team

Design custom forms and deploy to mobile devices for fast, efficient, and reliable mobile data collection and vendor sing up. Quickly deploy  field staff for fast  data collection or vendor sing up. Fulcrum can help you become more efficient, productive, & profitable in the field.

App Promotion Through user acquisition On ground marketing

user acquisition On ground marketing Media is one of the common and most viral method of promoting your app. We use multiple  channels and creative  presentations to promote your app and drive more targetted traffic and downloads.

user acquisition On ground marketing

We are  not only increase the number of downloads of the app, but also encourage consumers to engage with the app regularly. 

IT Park

Campus Marketing

Residential Society


Door To Door Marketing

B To B Marketing

Merchant Acquiring

Customer Acquisition

If you developed an app for the Android or iPhone markets and you need help attracting new customers you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been extremely successful helping clients realize positive gains by

Your app is probably very good and serves a real need, and with our help consumers will be made aware of your app a lot faster and for less money.

App Install Campaigns

We have accumulated vast experience with App Install Campaigns over the years.


Get more installs for your app


Launch app startegy


We provide User Acquisition services to startups and small & medium enterprises.


When you makes apps to a merchant,

We offer the following services at extremely reasonable prices

App Pre-Launch Services

App Launch Services

App Downloads

App install Campaigns

User OR Merchant KYC


  • App store optimization so the app gets in front of people who are looking for its features
  • Heavy onboarding support so buyers can download, learn, and begin using the app quickly.
  • Ongoing customer marketing to ensure that buyers are actively using the app.
  • Additional promotional tactics such as encouraging customer reviews and offering helpful QR codes.

The anatomy of a marketing campaign

Marketing activities require careful planning so that every step of the process is understood before you launch. Because a marketing campaign is tactical and project based, you need to map out the process from the initial promotional tactic to the ultimate outcome.

  • Pick your target audience: Who are you interested in attracting?
  • Set your goals : What do you want to accomplish with this campaign and how will you measure performance?
  • Determine your offer: What incentive will get their attention?
  • Identify your channel: What media channels will you use to promote this offer?
  • Create your Team: How will you get the user to take action?
  • Nurture the lead: How do you help your visitors with their buying journey?
  • Track and measure results: How will you measure success?

Fulcrum Powers All Phases of Your Data collection or vendor sing up Lifecycle

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