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Designing a successful brand

    Designing a successful brand


    Benefits of design in establishing a brand
    Good design plays a major role in building a great brand. It is important to understand how the two can benefit your business.

    Advantages of designing a brand
    Branding offers a number of key benefits:

    A competitive advantage – eg it can help you compete for audience attention, employee talent, resources and funding.
    A stable asset – when aligned with your business strategy, it can outlast products, technologies, market changes. Consider, for example, the ‘Coca Cola’ brand that’s been around for more than a century.
    Financial value – although intangible, branding can create a lot of value for your business. For example, by building awareness for your business and helping you attract customers, suppliers, etc.
    While branding is a strategic activity, there is usually a vital creative component too. Think about – for example – the Nike ‘swoosh’, which is a simple, yet effective, logo that conveys energy and movement, and is appropriate to a company that makes performance sportswear.

    Types of design used in building a brand
    Many design disciplines are used in developing a successful brand, including:

    graphic design – to create a visual image for your business
    website design – to help you market and sell your products online
    retail design – to build the look and feel of the environment where you sell your products
    office design – to create a space that expresses your brand and shows what your business stands for
    Find 8 design tips for creating a successful brand.

    Building a corporate identity
    Your corporate identity is made up of the visible elements of your business, including:

    business and brand names
    any specific colours you use in your logo, branding, premises, etc
    retail environment or office

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