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Direct Marketing

Fulcrum uses all of the tools of the trade to make your direct marketing program successful.

Behind all of these options rests a simple, unrelenting focus on your perfect prospect. We translate your product features into the benefits that meet your prospects’ most pressing needs.

By understanding your target audiences, we develop direct marketing plans, tests and creative work that motivate them to respond to your offers.

Direct mail marketing
Direct fieldwork
Door To Door
Response modeling
Database segmentation
Direct response creative
Omnichannel marketing


1 Focus on lowering your Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Sale

This ability comes only with fulcrum 10 years of high level direct marketing experience spending millions of time for testing in all available media across many industries.

2 Fulcrum direct marketing consulting approach to your assignments

We do our homework by getting to know your customer, your products, your selling processes, your database and any test results that almost always reveal ways to increase your ROI.

3 Direct marketing team member experts selected to meet your needs

Fulcrum customizes its team to meet your assignment specifications. You typically get deeper expertise than you would from traditional direct marketing agencies.

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