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How can I use design in my business?

    How can I use design in my business?


    Design can open up valuable opportunities for your business. It can help you to create better products and services, understand your customers and their needs, and boost your marketing and the image of your business.

    It can also help you make your business processes more efficient, improve your work or sales environment, and make your brand more appealing.

    This guide explains the business benefits of design. It tells you how business use design and why you should consider carrying out the design audit. It further explains how you can use specific types of design, such as graphic, packaging, product or service design, and follow the design process in managing projects in your business. Finally, it offers advice on how to make design part of your business strategy.

    You can also complete our Get design ready tool to improve your understanding of design and its role in developing successful products, services and businesses.

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