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How to Do Myntra Seller Registration? Explained

    How to Do Myntra Seller Registration? Explained

    Myntra is one of the biggest Indian companies leasing fashion and casual lifestyle products online. Its headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was initially launched as an e-commerce marketplace but is now at the top in its field. It was established on the 7th of July 2007 by Indian Institute of Technology graduates, emphasising the personalisation of gifts. The e-commerce giant hopes to provide consumers with the convenience and power of buying lifestyle and fashion items on the internet. Most importantly, Myntra allows sellers to participate in the growth.

    Myntra is registered for business-related individuals only and by a person who owns it, so you must do an official registration of your company.

    This blog will find an in-depth review of how Myntra manages its vendors and how sellers can finish the registration process on this fabulous e-commerce website.

    Did you know?

    Flipkart has been Myntra’s parent firm since 2014. In 2014, the e-commerce giant bought Myntra in a deal estimated to be around the amount of ₹2,000 crores.

    What is Myntra?
    Myntra is a huge marketplace for online sales, growing rapidly and shipping over 8000 items every day across the country. Additionally, the company focuses on providing a pleasant and effortless shopping experience for customers across the nation. It has a wide range of brands and merchandise on its site. Myntra is a premium e-commerce site that offers a variety of items such as men’s clothing, home décor products, women’s fashion products and many other categories of merchandise. Myntra is the home of top fashion brands that sell their merchandise at a price lower than those available on the market. It was founded by Ashutosh, Vineet Saxena and Mukesh Bansal.

    Myntra operates using a ‘business to customer’ model of the marketplace. This means that it permits businesses of different sizes to work within its portal. It lets sellers worldwide sell their goods on the website, giving customers various choices. Myntra is a platform that houses over 2,500 brands and has more than 5 lakh items.

    How Does Myntra Seller Platform Work?
    After completing this Myntra seller registration process, you’re all set to launch your business on the online marketplace. Just follow this simple process to begin your journey on the e-commerce path:

    List: In the first step, sellers can begin to go live with their brands with the assistance of the experts in onboarding.
    Supply: Have the items collected, packed and delivered to the customers.
    Inventory management: Next, update the inventory and take orders from the huge customer base.
    Earn: Expand your brand’s reach with regular payments and working capital assistance.
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    Why Should You Be an Online Merchant on Myntra?
    Myntra is a good choice for sellers since it has flexible policies and offers many advantages to sellers. The benefits listed below are those Myntra offers its sellers:

    Minimum returns: Even when your sales aren’t great, you will receive the minimum amount of returns guaranteed by Myntra.
    Old inventory: You can sell any stock that is not sold on Myntra until it conforms to the rules and guidelines of Myntra.
    A minimal investment: Sellers don’t need to spend money on lease/land, store installation employees, etc., selling on Myntra. It only needs to manage an actual store.
    The setup cost is minimal: Overhead expenses are low. You do not have to pay for land costs, store setup costs, rent employees’ costs, or other expenses associated with running the physical store while selling on Myntra.
    Reach extended: Myntra boasts millions of customers across the nation. Therefore, if you’re thinking of selling your products through Myntra, you will be able to access Myntra’s customer base. It could boost the number of sales you make.
    Complete autonomy: You will completely control your product when you sign up as a “seller” on Myntra. You’ll be able to manage a catalogue of your products, sales, online shop, quantity and quality of your item.
    Social campaigning and marketing: Myntra manages the entire marketing and social campaign process. It means that sellers don’t have to think about it. Thus, it allows sellers to concentrate on the product’s sales and ensure their quality while maintaining theirs.
    Fashion tips: Once you’re an active seller on Myntra, you can access fashion-forward designers. These fashion experts assist you in how to design your item. They assist you in balancing your product by curating them to the current fashions.
    Myntra Seller Registration Process
    Take a look at these Myntra seller registration procedures below:

    Step 1: Click on “Registration” and click on “Registration Now”, which you’ll find on the homepage page.

    Step 2: The seller has to visit Myntra’s official website.

    Step 3: Fill in the following information on the form for registration of sellers:

    Step 4: After that, the application form for the registration of sellers will appear on your screen.

    Name of the seller
    Number for phone
    Email ID
    Name of the business
    The nature of business
    Step 5: After filling in the information, the user must verify the captcha and click “Submit” for successful registration.


    Eligibility Criteria for Myntra Seller Registration
    Before completing registration as a new seller on Myntra, take the steps mentioned below. Remember that Myntra allows only the company to sell its products to customers on Myntra and not individuals. So, it is important to register your business legally and identify it by using one of the options listed below:

    Private limited company
    Partnership firm
    Sole proprietorship firm
    Limited liability partnership
    When you’ve completed one of the four registrations, it’s vital to finish the VAT registration to sell items on the market. The seller cannot sell their products through Myntra without VAT registration.

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    After the Store Goes Online:

    When the order is received, the shipment will be shipped.
    The store will begin receiving orders announced by your seller dashboard. The dashboard will also help you run your shop.
    A pick-up time is set. Orders may also be delivered via other courier lines. You need to enter a particular tracking number in the order.
    Then, an invoice needs to be issued.
    Within 15 days after acceptance of the purchase, the money is transferred directly to the seller’s account following deductions from Myntra’s account, which includes commissions and additional overhead charges.

    Myntra is well known as a renowned fashion website that takes care of the needs of both sellers and buyers. Additionally, it’s an established and trusted site. Thus, you can be sure that you won’t get scammed. The steps above will allow you to be listed on Myntra to sell items online easy and hassle-free.

    Cash Withdrawal Fees and Myntra Seller’s Fee
    Myntra typically takes between 10 and 15 days to calculate your payments. The money is credited to your bank account linked to Myntra. Before crediting the funds, Myntra will deduct its commission and a few additionally liable charges. It is impossible to pay retailers commissions after you join Myntra. Based on Myntra’s class & branding, it generally offers a commission range of 4% to 5%. Due to various factors, it isn’t always a fixed cost. Myntra costs are usually lower for the high-quality and most expensive products.


    Myntra is among the most popular and complete online shopping platforms that collaborate with thousands of small businesses to meet the specific requirements of millions of customers across the globe.

    By exploring the site, you will find numerous ways to earn enormous returns and interact with customers. Enjoy a successful partnership, and enjoy your time with Myntra! While you receive online payment, in the end, the calculations of exact profit or loss become easy to calculate.
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    Q: What is the payment process on Myntra?


    The payments are typically released on the 10th day of business of the month that follows. If there are any exceptions, your comprehensive agreement will cover them.

    Q: How does Myntra earn its profit?


    Myntra uses the model of aggregators to earn profits. The company purchases current season products and makes them available on the internet, intending to obtain commissions. Myntra is entering the business-to-consumer (B2C) market through the revenue-based model.

    Q: Can I sell my own products on Myntra?


    As far as we’re concerned, Myntra can only accept business-related transactions, and it does not allow transactions for individuals. In this case, the business owner needs to apply for a legally-constituted business entity to complete the Myntra seller registration process. In short, you can sell products after opening a Myntra seller account, not as an individual but as a company.

    Q: Can we sell unbranded products on Myntra?


    The main benefit of selling products through the Myntra seller portal is that it is only a platform for businesses to sell their products and not just individuals. No unbranded products are allowed. By purchasing Myntra memberships, customers become business owners and must have a valid business registration. Registration of businesses of this arrangement will take place in four different ways.

    Q: Is it profitable to sell on Myntra?


    After completing the Myntra seller registration process, you can start selling products and earn a profit. However, there are some conditions. Your product must be attractive and, most importantly, available at competitive prices. It doesn’t just apply to Myntra sellers but also all sellers, whether they are selling goods or services. The pierce and quality ratio should always appear healthy to the buyer.

    Q: How much does it cost to be a Myntra seller?


    There is no requirement to sign up to open an account with Myntra, and there are no Myntra seller fees. The costs paid by Myntra differ in amount between 40-50% based on the product and brand class. Also, the process of Myntra seller registration online is free.

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