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How to Take Great Photos for Social Media

How to Take Great Photos for Social Media

Rule of Thirds

Use the grid option on your smartphone. You want the main subject of your photo to be centered at the intersections of the rule of thirds grid- not smack in the center of the photo!

Beware of Backlight

The human eye is drawn to light- so you want the light in a photo to be in front of the subject, not lighting the subject from behind.


What's physically behind the photo can make or break an otherwise perfectly lit, rule-of-thirds abiding photos.

say No to Blur

And while it might be common knowledge, it's worth mentioning that not posting a bad photo is better than posting a blurry photo. To be safe, take a variety of photos and choose the best option before you post.

Using these simple tips, you can improve your social media photo taking skills without investing in more photographers and special equipment.

Practice makes perfect, so take many pictures and study what worked and what needs some adjustment.

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