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How To Use Social Media To Drive Event Success

Before Your Event

Ramp up awareness and excitement. You need time to prepare an event-specific social media management plan and promote your event.

Hashtag it!

Make sure your event has an easily recognizable hashtag that hasn’t been used before.

Have a visual plan

Great visual content is key for event promotion. Make sure the cameras and photographers are set and ready. Will you have someone on the ground capable of capturing key moments with a smartphone and instantly posting to social? Will you need to send photos out to a remote social media manager? Will you take professional photos at the event and switch out memory cards to get amazing quality photos posted as swiftly as possible? Answer all of these questions BEFORE the event and communicate with your entire team in advance to avoid a social media communication breakdown at your event.

During Your Event

Behind the scenes exclusives

This is great in video format. That means Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Instagram (both stories and regular posts).

Prepare giveaways

Drive people to your event- or location at a broader event- by announcing giveaways via social. The best times to do this is at the peak moments of the event, when you want maximum attendance.

After Your Event

Follow up

It’s essential to make sure all of your hard work at the event leaves you with ongoing social engagement and reach.

Don’t drop the ball on social the minute the event is over. Continue to post and engage with the new additions to your audience of followers.

Gather analytics        

See what worked, what flopped, and how to improve for your next event.

And if you need help, reach out to our team at Kicking Cow. Our event management, production, and social media teams work together to help our clients seamlessly launch and run the events of their marketing dreams.

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