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IMC Support for Sales Promotions

    IMC Support for Sales Promotions

    Sales promotions are delivered to targeted groups via marketing campaigns during a pre-set, limited amount of time. In order to broaden awareness, impact and participation, sales promotions are often combined with other marketing communication methods in the promotional mix. Examples of IMC support for sales promotions include:

    • Weekly email messages to consumers informing them about the week’s sales, special offers, and coupons
    • Promotional information on a Web site informing consumers about the availability of a rebate or other special offer
    • Posters and other promotional materials to enhance a point-of-purchase display
    • Sweepstakes forms incorporated into a magazine advertisement
    • Social media campaigns encouraging people to post about entering a sponsored contest on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

    These types of activities create synergies between the sales promotions and other marketing activities. IMC activities can amplify the message about the sales promotion and encourage active participation from target customers.

    Finally, it is important to recognize that sales promotions cannot compensate for a poor product, a declining sales trend, ineffective advertising, or weak brand loyalty. If these fundamentals are not working, sales promotions can serve only as a temporary solution.

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