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Implementing a Marketing Strategy

    Marketing agency in pune

    Fulcrum Marketing is a strategic Marketing {agency[1]} {cityareaname[1]} {city[1]}. Our team of marketing consultants also specialise in marketing planning and Retail marketing for all types of business of any size. As a strategic marketing consultancy, we help businesses develop a unique value proposition to help them differentiate from their competitors. This is particularly important for acquiring new customers and having your current customers come back for more. It will often include:

    • What product or service is your company selling?
    • What the end benefit of using it?
    • Who is your target customer for this product or service?
    • What makes your offering unique and different?

    Other important questions to consider when developing a marketing strategy are:

    • What is the long term future for your business?
    • Where should you be heading and how are you going to get there?

    communication and Marketing management

    Effective communication and advertising management is important to not only correctly identify a target audience, but also to reach this audience efficiently through different information channels. This can be through traditional methods, such as print advertising, or through the Marketing method, attracting customers to your website through blog posts and effectively targeting key words for online advertising. These marketing communications should all be integrated so that the message of the advertising is clear to customers. There are many benefits of successfully managing these marketing communications, including, but not limited to:

    • A higher Return on Investment  (ROI)
    • Reaching more of your target audience
    • Reduced costs for Marketing
    • Types of market segmentation:
      • Demographic segmentation: gender, age, income, education, occupation
      • Geographic segmentation: city, state, country
      • Psychographic segmentation: attitudes, values, attitudes, lifestyle
      • Behavioural segmentation: purchasing patterns, loyalty status

    Implementing a Marketing Strategy


    Implementing a Marketing Strategy Execution Plan, known to Fulcrum and our clients as a “Sprint Plan” is the most effective way to prevent this highway-less journey , Marketing {agency[1]} {cityareaname[1]} {city[1]}. A Marketing Strategy is a set of strategic goal-focused plans for a certain period of time. At Fulcrum it is usually over the plan of 4 months. In order to develop a Marketing Strategy Execution Plan, you must start with the end in mind. There are specific objectives developed in order to meet the client’s goals. This entails an in-depth on-boarding process in order to set objectives and goals.

    Traditional marketing or offline marketing must not be ignored though. Everything from producing a decent brochure that represents your organisation or product appropriately, through to developing specific sales strategies becomes part of the entire marketing bundle. If your main marketing bottleneck is in the sales funnel then you need significant sales expertise combined with marketing knowledge to overcome this. This is most likely going to be more the realm of a marketing consultant with experience in sales techniques.

    Marketing Strategy and Planning

    Implement your marketing plan

    Your marketing plan must do more than just say what you want to happen. It must describe each step required to make sure that it happens.

    The plan should include a schedule of key tasks. This sets out what will be done, and by when. Refer to the schedule as often as possible to avoid losing sight of your objectives under the daily workload.

    Team And Resources
    It should also assess what resources you need. For example, you might need to think about what brochures you need, and whether they need to be available for distribution. You might also need to look at how much time it takes to sell to customers and whether you have enough salespeople.

    The cost of everything in the plan needs to be included in a budget. If your finances are limited, your plan will need to take that into account. Don’t spread your marketing activities too thinly – it is better to concentrate your resources to make the most of your budget. You may also want to link your marketing budget to your sales forecast.

    As well as setting out the schedule, the plan needs to say how it will be controlled. You need an individual who takes responsibility for pushing things along. A good schedule and budget should make it easy to monitor progress. When things fall behind schedule, or costs overrun, you need to be ready to do something about it and to adapt your plan accordingly.

    From time to time, you need to stand back and ask whether the plan is working. What can you learn from your mistakes? How can you use what you know to make a better plan for the future?


    Marketing Execution – Plan, Execute, Track, Measure

    Everyone likes to talk about creating a marketing plan. It’s the fun part of marketing, the creative aspect of your planning process and Marketing {agency[1]} {cityareaname[1]} {city[1]}. But strategy without execution won’t help your business succeed. In fact, marketing execution is how you achieve results.

    Execution makes all the necessary elements of marketing work to bring strategy to life. For example, tradeshows, advertising, public relations, social media contribution and a blog can coordinate to generate leads. Each element needs all details covered and properly contributing to make the plan live and produce results.

    Create your marketing strategy

    Decide how to market your product or service to potential customers by developing a marketing strategy that positions your product to particular customers

    Write a marketing execution plan

    How to identify your objectives and write a plan that will help your marketing generate sales, including tactics and objectives

    Marketing on a tight budget

    How to get the most out of a small or limited marketing budget using cost-effective marketing methods such as Public Relations and online marketing

    Marketing your business in Pune

    How to market your business effectively in pune including researching your target audience and establishing new contacts

    Get in touch with us, we would love to discuss your marketing needs.

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    Marketing Company in Pune

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    B2B Marketing: 

    Fulcrum is a magnet for businesses with well-defined goals and a desire to harness the latest advantages that marketing and technology can offer.

    Face To Face Marketing : 

    face to face field marketing is also called personal selling or door to door marketing, customers are met directly in order to sell their products, using this method of field marketing.

    Product Sampling :

    Fulcrum are a highly recommended provider of product sampling staff. We specialise in the implementation of sampling campaigns using our in house sampling team and logistical know-how.

    Dealer Marketing: 

    Dealer marketing is of utmost importance for the success of any brand. For most brands, dealers, distributors and resellers are critical links to success.

    Direct Marketing:  

    we can help with everything from planning and design to production and delivery ensuring your direct marketing campaigns are delivered on time to the highest quality.

    Guerrilla Marketing:

    When it comes to guerrilla marketing the gloves are off. They are usually low budget campaigns but with the right imagination and ideas they offer up some unprecedented results

    Retail Marketing:

    Fulcrum is a dynamic-retail marketing agency born in tradition, fueled by innovation, and living at the intersection of commerce and imagination.

    Direct Selling : 

    Much like product demonstrations these campaigns have brand reps or ambassadors at the center of them. The difference is it’s more about the selling of the product

    Retail Audits & Merchandising:

    Auditing takes the reps out off the front line and away from the consumer. Auditing teams are used by marketers to monitor traditional marketing strategies that they put in place across retail.

    Door To Door Marketing :

    Nothing beats the reality that one gets when you can interact with potential clients face to face physically moving from door to door within a community or household to household,

    Product Demonstrations:

    As mentioned already, demo days are a popular tool of field marketing. These campaigns can stretch from as little as one week to 6 months however some are continuous and full time.

    Street Marketing: 

    We will still need to spend time interacting with people, face-to-face, Street Marketing. Personal interaction is what makes the world go around

    The team at Fulcrum has delivering successful Shopping Centre Marketing Campaigns across a wide range of shopping centres and retail complexes. From major  retail locations to local community focused shopping centres; we have secured real, measurable results across the board.


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