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Infographic Creation

Infographic Design and Creation

Today’s society is hooked on data. It seems like everything can be measured and visualised. Nearly every industry has relevant data that can be subjected to comparative analysis, and both consumers and organisational buyers love to be served up easily digestible metrics that they can share with others.

Infographics are an immensely popular way to leverage data to support your marketing efforts. Infographics can serve as standalone pieces of content, or can support other content such as blog posts, articles, or technical documents. The best infographics use statistical data to tell a compelling story.

Leveraging Infographics

  • Blog Posts: A blog post provides plenty of space for you to build around an infographic with text. We recommend making the infographic itself sharable from within the blog post for maximum benefit.

  • Landing Pages: Many wildly successful landing pages have used infographics as a way to persuade visitors to take action without overwhelming them with text.

  • Social: Infographics are easily digestible, making them perfect for social audiences.

Infographic purposes

  • Presentations: Presentations often cover statistics or trends. A great infographic can serve as a compelling visual support to the message being delivered.

  • Product Comparisons: When you’re developing content to sway potential buyers towards your offering, an infographic can help them easily compare a multitude of options. This also gives you the opportunity to present the metrics that position you as a leader in comparisons.

  • Brand Awareness: You can develop informative infographics presenting statistics that are relevant to your brand or audience without promoting your own products. This helps position you as a thought leader and build awareness of your brand among your target audience.

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