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Keyword Research


ExcdelForce research experts perform in-depth analysis to develop a comprehensive list of keywords that’ll bring relevant and engaged traffic to your website.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a prerequisite to a successful pay-per-click or SEO effort. It’s a process that explores search engine queries by analysing common searches, terms, and phrases. By understanding what people are searching for online, brands can design content, website copy, and paid search campaigns that take advantage of search engine queries to drive traffic to websites and landing pages.

Why Keyword Research Matters

When you focus on pay-per-click or SEO as part of your overall marketing strategy, you’re betting on drawing traffic to your site based on consumers’ search engine queries. When you’re focusing on SEO for the right keywords, and bidding on those keywords with your paid search campaign, you can drive extremely targeted traffic to your website. This boost in traffic can lead to conversions and revenue.

There are many keyword research tools and firms out there who promise to make it easy to build a keyword list. These firms and platforms usually make light of the keyword research process, and the results are less than stellar. With an unfocused and limited keyword research effort, you’ll be competing for very basic search queries.

ExcelForce Keyword Research team focuses on bringing you quality traffic at a low cost.

ExcelForce keyword research experts have years of experience building keyword lists that help brands rank highly in search and deploy profitable paid search campaigns. We understand which tools are reliable, and are able to leverage our experience to build lists that are far more effective than what competitors offer.

We dive deep into search data, focusing on finding those long-tail search queries that your target audience is using. By doing this, we’re helping drive targeted traffic to your site, rather than just focusing on visitor volume. This leads to greater campaign ROI and more revenue for our clients.

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