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Keyword Research

What are the right words?

You can’t possibly turn your website into a front-page result for every search term entered into every search engine. Knowing that, you’ve got to focus on those search terms that align with who you are and what you offer. That is what makes keyword research the most vital stage in developing a website and content strategy.

SEO represents a long-term effort to drive targeted organic traffic to your site. Your URLS, meta tags, copy, and content all incorporate SEO in an effort to drive you past competitors in search results. If you want to succeed, you’ve got to lay a solid foundation for your SEO strategy.

If there’s one key term for determining whether a keyword holds value for your brand, it’s relevance. The more relevant a keyword is to your business, your message, and your offering, the more likely that keyword is to bring you your target audience and ultimately drive revenue.

ExcelForce clients rank higher when we perform SEO keyword research before they develop their websites and content strategies. Whether you’re in the planning phase or simply looking for an edge against the competition, we can help you hit the top of search engine results.

Our Approach to SEO Keyword Research

ExcelForce has worked with clients around the world to perform SEO keyword research prior to developing SEO strategies. Over time, we’ve refined our research strategy down to a few keys that we focus on with every client.

  1. Understanding: We work with each client to develop a complete understanding of your brand, your business, your target audience, and your competitors. This sets the table for future success.

  2. Relevance: We use various tools to build an initial list of keywords that make sense when paired with your brand and target audience. We work through this process until we arrive at a list of keywords that align with your copy and content.

  3. Keyword Competition: We analyse the competition for each keyword on the list to see how competitive the term is. We look for recognisable brands at the top of the search results as well as paid advertisements for each result. This helps us understand which keywords are the most lucrative converters, and which ones will be the most difficult to rank for.

  4. Conversion: We can use pay-per-click to drive traffic for a keyword to your site for a brief period of time. This allows us to directly measure that keyword’s impact on your traffic and conversions.

  5. Keyword Value: We use the data gathered during our testing to develop a projected value for each keyword, helping you rank them by their impact on your bottom line.

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