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Learning from Retail – Inspiring Show Management

Learning from Retail – Inspiring Show Management

Times square, it’s the ultimate, well…town square…in a very large town. People watching, experiencing the spectacle – everyone likes hanging out there. In fact, bleachers have been set up to allow spectators to absorb the experience and….brands.

Oh yeah, brands are driving a lot of the visual excitement with LED videos wallpapering almost every square foot of the 360 degree building frontage. Of course brands are paying heftily to run their media in front of their consumer brand targets. Hmmm…

How could we apply this to the trade show floor? What if we allocated some central booth space, placed a large LED tower and ran sponsored ads. Now in that space, place a large seating that faces the exhibits. Booths in front of this areas suddenly have higher value. The LED tower creates that star of wonder in the hall pulling people in – and broadcasting brand messages. Everyone likes a town square.

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