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    Field Marketing

    Fulcrum’s Marketing is Delivering the RIGHT PRODUCT, at the RIGHT PRICE, through the RIGHT CHANNEL, to the RIGHT AUDIENCE, at the RIGHT TIME!”


    As the name suggests field marketing is marketing your brand’s product directly on to the field that is marketing in front of end customers. Field marketing is most common form of traditional marketing. Field marketing does not include only direct selling, it also includes collecting feedback, conducting audits, organising events to promote the brand.

    Field Marketing involves providing and managing highly skilled and trained people to conduct brand-building strategic (long-term) or tactical (short-term) campaigns on behalf of clients. We provide the field marketing staff to work on our clients’ behalf and we manage them. They are known as ‘brand ambassadors’ and they are employed directly by us.


    The aim behind field marketing may vary from company to company but the most common aim of field marketing is to create brand awareness, increase direct sales, or to build customer relationship.


    This is a good form of marketing to create brand awareness and to convert non-users into users of your product or service.According to the product or the service we create a plan to offer demos of your product/service to the potential customers.

    If the product is consumable good we offer free samples to the potentials customers and then convince them to buy your product. If the customer gets free demo he/she never rejects the offer and if they like the product they buy immediately.

    If you offer a service or a non-consumable product we give the potential customers a hands on experience so that if they love the product/ service they can buy it immediately.


    This name is taken form a war tactic known as guerrilla tactics where the enemies are attacked in most unexpected way. Guerrilla marketing does the same it targets the customers at the unexpected time and way surprisingly.

    We have people who create catchy and unique content. Content is important in this type of field marketing. We plan and pitch customers where they expect us less. This surprise element surely works because this creates curiosity in people’s mind about the product/service.


    This process is not directly related to selling. Retail auditing includes inspection of your product according to the criteria provided by the how the shelf is arranged in the store, where is your product placed etc.

    We conduct such audits for the clients and provide them a detailed report about how their marketing material is used in the market and how their brand in represented by their promoters.


    This is the form of selling where the brand representatives sell the product to the consumer directly at the point of interaction.

    We organise promotional events, kiosks, door to door selling campaigns, retail marketing, face to face marketing etc where our representatives sell directly to the customers.


    Apart from this we also offer a range of field marketing services depending on the client’s requirements, these include:

    Feet on Street Team
    Field Sales Team
    Brand Awareness/Leafleting
    Data capture/Providing quotes
    Mystery Shopping
    Logistical Support Services
    Retail Staff Training

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