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Measuring the success of your telemarketing campaign

    Measuring the success of your telemarketing campaign


    To ensure that your telemarketing campaign is effective and efficient, it is important that you evaluate its success at regular intervals. There are a number of methods you can use to measure the results of your campaigns, such as the following:

    comparing it to previous campaigns from the year before that ran within the same time period
    keeping track of calls and orders received and compare these results with the previous year’s statistics
    judging the effectiveness of the cold calls by the reactions of customers contacted
    assessing the number of leads generated within a particular time period
    recording the number of meetings that are generated from the leads received
    comparing the cost of the telemarketing against the money made in overall sales
    checking the value of sales in pounds made per hour
    You should consider running a test telemarketing campaign to work out how you will assess success or failure, before you begin a more permanent campaign. You can then use this information for any future campaigns you decide to undertake.

    You should record any information specific for a campaign, such as:

    the telemarketed product
    the number of calls
    the targeted group of customers
    the address source
    Ensure that you also record the costs of the address source, telephone charges and any other relevant costs for each campaign.


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