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Mumbai: A Melting Pot of Culture and Commerce

Fulcrum: Redefining Field Marketing in Mumbai

Innovative Resource Models for Maximum Impact

Engaging Mumbai: Strategies and Successes

Fulcrum’s People: The Heart of Field Marketing

The Future of Field Marketing with Fulcrum


Our people powered solutions drive sales, improve conversion and grow brand loyalty.

Fulcrum’s Field Marketing is Delivering the RIGHT PRODUCT, at the RIGHT PRICE, through the RIGHT CHANNEL, to the RIGHT AUDIENCE, at the RIGHT TIME!”


Fulcrum provides top brands with nationwide & regional Field Marketing agency, on Ground Brand Activation, and field sales support to ensure sales objectives, research and engagement is achieved at targeted customer touch points.

As the name suggests field marketing is marketing your brand’s product directly on to the field that is marketing in front of end customers. Field marketing is most common form of traditional marketing. Field marketing does not include only direct selling, it also includes collecting feedback, conducting audits, organising events to promote the brand.

Field Marketing involves providing and managing highly skilled and trained people to conduct brand-building strategic (long-term) or tactical (short-term) campaigns on behalf of clients. We provide the field marketing staff to work on our clients’ behalf and we manage them. They are known as ‘brand ambassadors’ and they are employed directly by us.


The aim behind field marketing may vary from company to company but the most common aim of field marketing is to create brand awareness, increase direct sales, or to build customer relationship.

Our Vision & Values
At Fulcrum we have a clear vision – to grow in partnership with our customers, working to common goals and sharing in success.

We can drive your brand sales through increasing awareness, sales order generation, availability & visibility at point of purchase:

Field marketing initiatives
On Field Sales Channel Support
Bespoke sales visits. Events.
Product placement. Training.
FMCG: Product Placement in Stores, Stock, compliance & pricing checks
Product presentation & training
Location promotions
Compliance Audits
Mystery Shopping
Retail Merchandising
Temporary Displays
POS Installation
Retail sales support visits
Direct to consumer promotions
On location training sessions
Research services – acquisition & retention
Comprehensive research. Focus groups.
Customer satisfaction surveys
Brand perception & customer satisfaction research

We also offer a range of Field Marketing Services depending on the client’s requirements, these include:

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Engage Your Customers in the Real World.

Creating direct relationships between brands and customers

What is a field marketing strategy?

Your field marketing strategy is the overall plan for how you will market your product or service to customers in a specific geographic area. Aside from going out to customers in the field, sales and merchandising in-store can also form part of your field marketing strategy.

By working with store managers and employees, Fulcrum can ensure that your products are well-represented and that customers have a positive experience when they interact with your brand. Sales and merchandising activities can also help to raise awareness of your brand and generate word-of-mouth marketing.

How our field marketing services can help you grow

These are just some of the many benefits of field marketing your brand can enjoy when you partner with Fulcrum:

  • Allows for personal interaction with potential customers
  • Gives you the opportunity to see how customers interact with your product or service
  • Lets you gather data and feedback from customers
  • Provides face-to-face customer engagement that can lead to future sales
  • Helps create brand awareness and loyalty among customers
  • Allows you to gain insight into customer behaviour and trends
  • Our agents can use the opportunity to upsell or cross-sell your products and services

Benefits of Field Marketing

Allow customers to see products
Provide a personal approach
Human Connections
Two-way Communication
Earn Trust and Credibility
Identifying potential customers
Demonstrate Complicated Products or Services
Build a customer base
Develop relationships
Distinguish yourself from the competition
Ensure people see your offerings
Generate demand and Generating leads
Measure success
Support market research
Use an adaptable approach
Use time effectively

Let Fulcrum's Field Marketing Teams Connect your Brand with your Audience.

Field Sales -Product & POS Placement

As Field Marketing Agency We offers nationwide and regional field communications to retailers and consumers. Every Campaign is bespoke, enabling you to achieve your required outcomes.

The flexibility of turning campaigns on and off as required, with a host of services is beneficial for ROI and budget management.

The range of services we can provide are best discussed directly with us, to be tailor-made to meet your own particular objectives.

Our People
Right place, right time … right people. Committed and loyal people are vital to success, so it’s important that our team feels part of the overall business.

Targeted Field Marketing And Field Sales Campaigns

B2B Marketing And Sales

If you’re looking for B2B  marketing consultancies, you’ve come to the right place. That’s why we follow a consistent process in the creation of B2B marketing plans and B2B marketing strategies. We have found that this is the best way to deliver successful work for all our clients. Everything we do is informed by the structured approach we take towards the strategic marketing planning process and execution.

We aim to enhance the corporate identity and brand awareness of our clients by providing B2B marketing solutions through strategic marketing, sales, merchandising of products and execution of programs.

We consider our people as our most important resource, and we will continuously support them to develop their abilities, care for their well-being and treat them fairly.

We help marketers set a transformation agenda, clear strategy and pragmatic roadmap.

Let us help you grow with B2B field marketing

ield marketing is a comprehensive solution that covers all the bases when it comes to marketing and advertising your product or service. While not all the services listed on our website fall under field marketing, we can generally include them as value adds.

Let us help you grow with B2B field marketing

Field sales marketing is a fantastic way to directly interact with potential customers, see how they react to your product, and gather feedback that can help you improve your marketing strategy. Field marketing is also a highly effective tool to help create brand awareness and loyalty among customers.

Fulcrum’s field marketing services can help you take advantage of all these benefits and take your brand to new heights. We can provide you with sales representatives and brand ambassadors, help with in-store merchandising and point of sale management, assist with auditing and compliance, mystery shopping, and much more.

Channel Sales

Merchant, Seller, Retailer Onboarding

Fielwork Marketing For Retailer, Distributors

Fielwork Marketing For Distributors

Fielwork Marketing For Manufacturers

Trade Marketing

trade marketing agencies, using a powerful combination of push and pull strategies. We’ve helped some of the world’s largest brands get their products ranged and sold in retailers.

We use push marketing to target your trade audience and get your products ranged in stores and online, blended with shopper marketing strategies to increase sales. In conjunction, we utilise pull strategies, drawing on our extensive digital marketing experience to increase both brand awareness and consumer demand.

Merchant, Seller, Retailer Onboarding

This is a good form of marketing to create brand awareness and to convert non-users into users of your product or service.According to the product or the service we create a plan to offer demos of your product/service to the potential customers.

If the product is consumable good we offer free samples to the potentials customers and then convince them to buy your product. If the customer gets free demo he/she never rejects the offer and if they like the product they buy immediately.

If you offer a service or a non-consumable product we give the potential customers a hands on experience so that if they love the product/ service they can buy it immediately.

Lead Generation

We have people who create catchy and unique content. Content is important in this type of field marketing. We plan and pitch customers where they expect us less. This surprise element surely works because this creates curiosity in people’s mind about the product/service.

field marketing manager is responsible for generating leads in a specific sales territory. Field Marketing Team work to connect with a client’s target audience in a way that persuades them to make a buying decision.

A field marketing manager is responsible for generating leads in a specific sales territory. Again, they work closely with the sales team to develop strategies that align with regional goals and help positively impact sales and brand recognition. 

You would be selling your zeal, emotions and passion

We will still need to spend time interacting with people, face-to-face, Street Marketing. Personal interaction is what makes the world go around…

Our street intercept program adds a creative element to your direct marketing campaign. Hand-to-hand delivery of your product or message to your target markets creates a deeper engagement with your brand resulting in greater awareness. At Fulcrum, our street teams are an extension of you. We work to promote your brand and image as if it were our own; the kind of service you deserve.

Our goal is to assist our client endeavor, to achieve their customer satisfaction by way of providing excellent services through Marketing, Market Research, Promotions, Surveys for Market Study & Online Research.

The benefit of this type of field marketing is that it can be done on a low budget, it is very cost effective and reaches a larger number of people per within a very short duration, in this short period of time where you have just a few minutes to convince the customers to take interest in your business, just a few minutes to build personal relations through five stages. By attention, interest, desire, conviction and action.  And what else do you benefit by using face to face marketing service?

We have operated On Ground Activation for many years and are excited at what Elevate can offer us in terms of strategy, channel expertise and unique people development through their affiliation with Fulcrum. 

Whether you’re looking to build awareness, drive calls or convert leads to customers, our 10+ combined years of direct marketing expertise will help you get better results. 


.This process is not directly related to selling. Retail auditing includes inspection of your product according to the criteria provided by the how the shelf is arranged in the store, where is your product placed etc.

We conduct such audits for the clients and provide them a detailed report about how their marketing material is used in the market and how their brand in represented by their promoters.

This is the form of selling where the brand representatives sell the product to the consumer directly at the point of interaction.

We organise promotional events, kiosks, door to door selling campaigns, retail marketing, face to face marketing etc where our representatives sell directly to the customers.


Apart from this we also offer a range of field marketing services depending on the client’s requirements, these include:

Feet on Street Team
Field Sales Team
Brand Awareness/Leafleting
Data capture/Providing quotes
Mystery Shopping
Logistical Support Services
Retail Staff Training


We have a range of resource models built to be agile and flexible, from fully structured teams to complete flexibility of resource.

 We can call anywhere, any day, at any time for any duration.


A dedicated, on-going resource.  This is your own exclusive team working for you and your brand in the field.


Access to fully flexible resource whenever you
need them, dedicated to you for the duration of the activity. 


An employed and dedicated resource for as long as you require with a defined end date. Use alone or to support existing activity.


A flexible, task-based resource which offers speed of deployment, breadth of coverage and economies of scale.

Contact us today and see how our field sales marketing services can help you reach more of the right audience with creative campaigns tailored for your brand and industry!

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions we get about what field marketing agencies do below.

In a lot of ways, the definition of field marketing aligns with what you might expect. It’s a broad term that refers to a long list of marketing activities carried out “in the field.”

These activities include anything that involves face-to-face contact with potential buyers such as street promotions, experiential marketing, pop-ups, billboard ads, flyers, and more. Field marketing strategies go beyond handing out samples to anyone who passes by.

It’s what sets businesses apart from the competition, ringing particularly true these last few years. As we’ve seen, a company’s responsiveness to adjust to market changes paves the way to the top for those with strategy. The case for Field Marketing, the strategic practice of measurable, face-to-face brand development and customer relationship management, is now more poignant than ever. Companies that employ Field Marketing tactics – led by strong, highly trained teams – are viewed as more nimble when faced with challenges, as well as more aware of customer needs.

Field Marketing Strategy Ideas

These days, we tend to think of marketing as an online practice.

Which makes sense, as many of our efforts focus on reaching people in their inboxes, on social media platforms, as they search for information, or browse their favorite websites.

While digital marketing & conversational marketing dominate the lion’s share of the sales cycle, interacting with the physical world cannot be replaced.

Field marketing is a strategy that applies many of the same principles used in digital sales and marketing strategies: personalization, relationship-building, and audience targeting and takes them out into the physical world.

FIELD MARKETING Key Strategies & Benefits

What Are Field Marketing Activies?
Field marketing activities are promotional activities that take place outside of a traditional retail setting, such as in-store product demonstrations, trade show booth staffing, and street team marketing.


What does a field marketing team do?
A field marketing team is responsible for executing promotional activities in a variety of settings, including retail stores, trade shows, and other events. Field marketing is a great way to directly interact with potential customers, gather data and feedback, and create brand awareness.

What is field marketing in B2B?
B2B field marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on making connections with other businesses, usually at trade shows and networking events. B2B field marketing can be a great way to generate leads and build relationships with other businesses.

What Is Considered field marketing?
Field marketing is a type of marketing that involves promoting products or services in a variety of ‘real world’ settings, including retail stores, trade shows, and other events.

Field Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
Field marketing is when you promote your product or service in different brick and mortar locations, like stores, shopping malls, and at trade events. Having a physical presence, such as a store or an event, is also known as a “hard” form of marketing. Digital or “soft” marketing, on the other hand, is when you use the internet to promote your product or service.

What is Field Sales?
Field sales is the process of selling products or services in a face-to-face setting, outside of a traditional retail setting. Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, field sales agents go out and engage with the public directly, helping you reach audiences you otherwise couldn’t.

Field sales, sometimes known as outside sales, is the business practice of sending sales representatives to visit customers and sell a product or service in person.

Our tactical field marketing services are designed to generate interest in a product or service through direct interaction with potential customers. This type of marketing can take many forms, but it typically involves face-to-face interactions in high-traffic public areas such as shopping malls, trade shows, and festivals.

Field marketing agency teams usually consist of well-trained salespeople who know how to engage potential customers and overcome objections. In addition to generating leads, field marketing can also be used to increase brand awareness and build relationships with potential customers. When done correctly, field advertising is an extremely powerful marketing tool that can help businesses to achieve their objectives.

While door-to-door sales is a subcategory of field sales, cold selling trinkets and vacuums in-person isn’t what most outside salespeople do in 2020. Instead, it’s typically focused on B2B sales and new client onboarding, long-term relationship building, and account management.

Sales representatives have to take their time to build rapport with their prospects, and over the long term, convince them to try their product or service.

What Does a Field Sales Rep Do?

Exactly what a field sales rep does depends on the industry and business, but most commonly, the sales process starts with a list of leads.

It’s the job of the individual representative to take the list of company names, contact people, and phone numbers, and start relationships with and sell to as many companies as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at the main tasks and duties of an outside sales professional:

1. Track and manage leads

A field sales rep needs to collect, manage, categorize, and track the progress of leads and prospects. They typically do this in a CRM system, but in an outside-sales heavy industry, they might use specialized sales pipeline management tools.

2. Qualify prospects

Before a rep devotes hours of their time to a meeting with a potential customer, you need to verify that they need your product/service, and have the ability to pay for it. Sales reps typically qualify prospects by doing research, or over the phone, or a junior sales rep might arrange a quick preliminary meeting.

3. Make sales runs

Once you trust that the prospect is a legit sales opportunity, it’s time to prepare a sales strategy. Reps will head out of the office to pitch the company’s main offerings to local businesses or other potential clients. These runs can cover the local area or a larger territory, requiring weeks to cover.

4. Follow up with potential clients

Once a prospect is interested, the sales rep must strike while the iron is hot. Follow-ups are sometimes made over the phone but can be done in person as well. 

5. Manage accounts

Once you have closed a deal, it’s the agent’s job to schedule quarterly, biannual, or annual meetings to make sure the client relationship is healthy and productive.

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