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Fulcrum is proud to serve the outdoor advertising needs of the Mumbai area. Because we are stationed in Pune, it gives us many opportunities to showcase your message in the prime areas of Pune and MumbaiCity and highlight the success of your well-established brand.

We use a variety of outdoor media types to optimize exposure of your message, including: Billboards, Digital Screens, Street Furniture and Shopping Centers. Our outdoor advertising agency will work with you to match your needs to the advertising options available in Pune, as well as any other areas in Mumbai you may require.

As the best team in the business, we will help you craft an outdoor advertising campaign that will successfully reach your target audience. We’ll help you decide what media types are right for you and help you place your outdoor advertisement where it needs to be to get the job done.


Traditional methods of advertising are still effective when used to deliver the appropriate message. Let our northern New Jersey outdoor advertising agency design your billboard and inspire your audience.

With today’s technological advances, digital screens are becoming useful tools in advertising. A digital screen has the ability to display more than one message on the same platform.

Reach your target market at the right time and place with a billboard or digital screen. We’ll help you place your outdoor advertisement where it needs to be to get the job done.


Bus benches and shelters are not just for sitting on and standing under. Place your advertisement here to reach the segment of your market who frequently use public transportation.

The biggest mistake in designing for outdoor is to mistake outdoor for print advertising. Utilizing outdoor spaces properly can make a big difference in your advertising efforts.

Our Pune, we are agencies excellent advertising insight and inventive creative team, we will design the ultimate outdoor advertisement to reach your ultimate market.


Many people underestimate the power of outdoor advertising in public places such as malls and shopping centers, even given the amount of shopping centers in Pune,

You may be surprised with how much attention an ad can get from frequent shoppers and tourists. Placing an ad near someone’s favorite store can make all the difference.

With the combined skills of our innovative creative team and advertising experts at our advertising agency, we’ll create an advertisement that will reach your target audience.


Contrary to popular opinion, print advertising is alive and a viable advertising option. It can be an extremely powerful marketing tool throughout pune.

Print advertising is no longer the only avenue for advertising. It has transitioned into a key asset, not a requirement. Print has a personal quality that digital can’t compete with.

It’s a credible and established medium that’s been a trusted advertising outlet for generations. Print can be one of the most compelling mediums for getting your message across in mumbai.


Outdoor advertising is one of the only remaining public and shared experiences for customers. If done well and placed right, it can be a powerful tool. At our Pune outdoor advertising agency, we help boost brands by inspiring and motivating people through powerful out-of-home campaigns.

There’s almost nothing we can’t do. From billboards and digital screens to bus shelters and shopping malls, our vast portfolio and relationship network gives your brand the ability to reach your target market where they spend the most time.


A prominent type of outdoor advertising, billboard advertising is an effective way to get your brand in front of potential customers.

Our award-winning advertising agency creates outstanding billboards for our clients, while our media buying team ensures they receive the best deals on placement.

We’ll help you reach your target market with these ads and make them a prime opportunity for your business to be heard…er…seen. Although, with some new geo-fencing technologies even that is possible!


Your brand is the foundation of your business and we can help you to build this foundation, whether you know how you want to be perceived or not. We take the time to understand your business, your marketplace, and your people so that we can help you to develop or refine your position to the marketplace.


We have become multi-taskers by design, not choice and organizations still putting all their marketing eggs into one “single-platform” basket will find it hard to be successful.

At our advertising agency, we know that this era has passed and the era of using fully integrated campaigns across many channels is the only way to truly capture an increasingly distracted target audience.

By integrating social media and digital marketing, we will dramatically increase the reach of your campaigns as well as engagement of your potential customers.

Event Marketing

Getting people to attend your event may just be the most important part of the planning process – without an audience, what’s the use of even the most well-prepared material?

We’ll help you promote your event through various modes of publicity, such as advertising and press releases, making people want to attend.

And when marketing an event, whether it’s right here in Mumbai  or not, it’s best to craft various materials to promote it, such as press releases and public service announcements. But don’t worry – you can leave it to us to develop intriguing content that appeals to all audiences.

TV and Radio Ads

Persuading your audience to believe something or take a specific action can seem daunting. Allow us to help you deliver your message in a way that truly captures your public’s attention, so your company can stand out from so many of the same, stale messages.

Our  television advertising agency will create a publicity plan that caters to your specific audience’s attitudes when it comes to television and radio preferences, so you’ll be able to more effectively engage your listeners.

Whether you’re using your ads to promote change in the public sphere or to enhance your corporate image, we’ll create content that makes the most of your airtime.

Corporate Communications

We’re sure you already know how important it is for your company to have a favorable reputation. In order to achieve this, we’ll use your brand and values in order to effectively share your mission with your various audiences, such as employees, the media and the general public.

Rely on our   agency to cover the various bases of corporate communications, such as fully developing your brand, providing support for your objectives and reducing discrepancies between your desired image and your current image.

It may sound like a lot, but we know how to handle it.

Product Placement

We know we all have experience with viewing product placement – who doesn’t notice those recognizable logos in the background of all our favorite T.V. shows and movies? Yet even on a smaller and more refined scale, product placement is effective in boosting opinion about your brand.

By integrating your product into programs that your consumers already view on a regular basis, our Mumbai public relations firm can help you put your brand in the public eye, attract new customers and delight current consumers.

Brand Strategy

Your public will come to associate your company logo and branding with thoughts and feelings about your organization, so make sure those associations remain positive and are aligned with your values.

Our brand development team will help you define your target public and develop a plan that caters directly to those consumers. We can help you fulfill your goals of providing your product or service to as many people as possible, but it all starts with your brand. A positive brand reputation is the foundation for attracting new consumers (and keeping loyal ones), and we’ll help you attain your desired image.

Product and Company Launches

Let’s face it – there are a lot of companies and products out there, fighting for attention. But when it comes to your upcoming launch date, we’ll help you distinguish yourself from the crowd.

One of the premier public relations firms in mumbai, we’ll use our media relations and local outreach connections to spread the word about your upcoming release, generate a social media presence for your followers and make sure your company is represented by the media in a desirable way.

When launching your service, emphasizing your backstory is effective in attracting an audience – we’ll help you convey your why to your listeners.

Research and Survey Reports

Reports are important in assessing the effectiveness of your media tactics, and they can be very telling in how you’re reaching your public.

When it comes to determining how well your strategies are working, our based PR firm can help you develop a plan to measure your success.

Plus, publishing statistically significant results can allow you to offer some valuable content to your public, and it gives you the chance to show off all the great work you’ve done.

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