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    Create an inspiring brand that influences your customers and prospects to go from the problematic status quo to the opportunity-filled future. This is accomplished by solving their biggest problem by using the solution they purchased from you.


    B2B branding is rapidly changing as organizations seek to create points of differentiation among their competitors. An effective B2B branding strategy will leverage data to cut through the noise in the marketplace, separate yourself from your competition, and engage your audience on a deeper level.


    1. You have completed a brand audit in the last 1-2 years and actively use it to shape your brand strategy.

    2. You can describe a 360-degree picture of the world your brand lives and acts within.

    3. You have documented and educated your organization on your brand promise.

    4. You have a documented brand promise guarantee.

    5. Your Sales force is living the brand in every interaction with customers, prospects, and partners.

    6. You understand the “status quo” situation your customers and prospects find themselves in when not using your products.

    7. You can define the how your solution will solve the problems of your customers and prospects.

    8. Your brand inspires your customers to go from the problematic status quo to the opportunity-filled future you have created.

    9. You can quantify the cost of “doing nothing” for your customers if they decide to not fix the problem.

    10. You know the process your customers follow when interacting with your brand, including the moments of truth that are most important to them.


    • Competitor Brand Positioning Analysis

    • Brand Activation Audit

    • Brand Equity Valuation Estimate

    • Touchpoint Analysis

    • Message Architecture

    • Win Strategies (by product or competitor)

    • Business Case by Solution

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