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    Fill the sales funnel with enough opportunities to make the revenue goal.


    Getting access to high-value buyers is the most critical activity a sales person can do. Having a repeatable process to gain access makes you less reliant to marketing and removes risk from your revenue plan. The ability to gain access at scale will have a drastic impact on your new business production.


    1. You know what your buyer wants from you when they are early in their decision process.

    2. You know the programs you need to implement to generate leads (social selling, referrals, off-line prospecting, etc.).

    3. You know which resources the Sales team needs when executing the prospecting processes.

    4. You know how you are going to get the Sales team to adopt their prospecting programs.

    5. You have made the prospecting process easy to execute with the use of technology.

    6. You actively track metrics that indicate the success and/or failure of your prospecting process.

    7. You have training programs in place that continuously provide new prospecting methods for the team.

    8. Event success or failure is assessed by how many qualified leads are generated.

    9. Incentive-based referral programs successfully generate revenue-generating leads for the sales team.

    10. Your sales team has been enabled with a relationship management process that allows them to reach new buying centers within existing accounts.


    • Relationship Management Process

    • Referral Generation Program

    • Social Selling Execution Plan

    • Prospecting Activity Standards

    • Event Execution Plans

    • Instructor Training Guides

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