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    Focus Marketing resources on the most important accounts.


    Mass marketing tactics do not work for companies that need to focus on a small number of high-value accounts. Traditional “spray and pray” approaches will not attract these valuable accounts. For companies that live and die by the big deal, a focused marketing approach is critical. Only highly-targeted, customized content will provide the insights to compel accounts like these to buy your solutions. As a result, these accounts are easier to obtain, retain, and grow.


    1. You have segmented your accounts (customers and prospects) into rankings, best to worst, on revenue potential and propensity to buy.

    2. For each of your prioritized accounts, you have complete contact records for each Buyer and Influencer.

    3. You develop rich insights specific to each of your prioritized accounts to enable your marketing and sales teams to be highly relevant and personalized.

    4. You convert your rich insights into content and messaging and personalize it for each Buyer and Influencer.

    5. You have aligned you’re A-Player, higher-cost resources with your highest value accounts.

    6. You will make, or miss, your revenue goal based on a few big deals throughout the year.

    7. You deploy a land and expand sales strategy inside your most important accounts.

    8. Your current demand generation efforts consistently generate significant revenue that can be directly attributed to these programs.

    9. The Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) of your key/strategic/named accounts is at least twice that of a typical account.

    10. You deploy an omni-channel marketing approach with your prioritized accounts that require a remarkable Customer Experience (CX).


    • Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

    • ABM Process and Infrastructure

    • ABM Roles & Responsibilities

    • ABM Marketing Operations Systems

    • Sales Operations Systems

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