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    Generating new opportunities within your current accounts.


    Creating new opportunities within your accounts is the fast way to revenue growth. Where relationships exist, sales reps must be able to expand into new buying centers to capture more wallet share. This requires a strategic and tactical plan across each account.


    1. A large percentage of each account manager’s success or goal is based on up-sell and cross-sell within current customers.

    2. You have a formal account management process used to cross-sell within your current customer base.

    3. You have a small number of accounts that are worth a lot, and improving the wallet share within those accounts will be the difference between making and missing your number.

    4. A-Player account managers consistently outperform C-Player account managers.

    5. Your approach to growing current customers is systematic, which enables all account managers to speak the same language when approaching the market.

    6. New account managers learn a rigorous process to help them quickly ramp into the account management role.

    7. Account managers have a formal account planning process to map out opportunities within accounts.

    8. Account managers have opportunities to sell to new buying centers within accounts that are currently not penetrated.

    9. You have a formal training and coaching process that continuously improves the performance of the account management team.

    10. Your share of wallet with all your top accounts grows disproportionately faster quarter-to-quarter than other accounts.


    • Account Plans

    • Account Management Methodology

    • Sales Playbooks

    • Sales Job Aids

    • Pipeline & Forecast Process

    • Instructor Training Guides

    • Coaching Playbook & Tools

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