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    Generate enough leads for the Sales team to exceed the revenue objectives.


    Many companies generate most of their revenue from a lot of small accounts. Companies like this need a large and steady volume of leads to maintain this revenue. Marketing needs to capture and qualify these leads before sending to sales. Doing this effectively leads to high volumes of qualified leads which leads to more sales opportunities and revenue growth.


    1. You know how many leads need to be generated to meet the organization’s revenue objective.

    2. You know how many of your leads need to come from Marketing and how many need to come from Sales.

    3. You have a documented definition (budget, authority, need, and timing) of a qualified lead.

    4. Sales and Marketing agree on the definition of a qualified lead.

    5. The Marketing team is viewed as a revenue generating partner to Sales.

    6. Marketing & Sales have defined the “lead funnel” to have a top, middle, and bottom with unique nurturing strategies in each part.

    7. You understand and can identify the trigger events that put your Buyers in the market to purchase your solution.

    8. You effectively capture and keep the attention of your customers and prospects.

    9. You know what percentage of your leads need to be sourced from inbound vs. outbound marketing efforts.

    10. You can calculate the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) for each element of your lead generation plan.


    • Lead Management Process

    • Lead Response Workflows

    • Nurture Pathways

    • Lead Nurturing Assessment

    • Attribution Analysis

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