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PHASE 8: Customer Experience MARKET LISTENING

    PHASE 8: Customer Experience MARKET LISTENING

    Proactively collecting customer feedback (early and often) requires a consistent “listening” engine.


    In addition to measurement of key customer interactions, your organization must keep a “finger on the pulse” of customer trends and sentiment beyond just your touchpoints with them. And these insights must be activated within your organization. An efficient market listening engine not only collects feedback, but it actively pushes that feedback back into the organization with actionable guidance.


    1. You have a clearly defined market listening process in place that includes multiple modes of collected market insights such as customer interviews, win/loss, and data collection.

    2. Your feedback collection plan includes a process for analyzing the information on an ongoing basis.

    3. You use automated and digital listening Deliverables to gauge Customer Experience (i.e. Cogito, web analytics, etc.).

    4. You are capable of tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) before and after a Customer Experience Design change has been implemented.

    5. Your Customer Experience Design reporting provides insights into how Customer Experience Design effects your KPIs, including Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

    6. You have intuitive, graphical dashboards that visually represent the performance of Customer Experience Design.

    7. Customer Experience Reporting is communicated to functional leadership and the field on a regular basis.

    8. The organization can react to the insights collected in an agile and rapid manner such that changes can be implemented immediately.

    9. The organization can make changes real-time based on feedback collected from the customers.

    10. After feedback is collected and changes are made, your processes, training, and coaching Deliverables are updated immediately afterwards.


    • Feedback Collection Plan

    • Selected Feedback Collection Methods

    • Reporting & Dashboard Design

    • Feedback Communication & Action Plan

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