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PNC Mortgage

Reinvent the Realtor experience at key trade shows by encouraging Realtors to abandon their transactional mentality and actively engage on-site to learn more about PNC Mortgages.

PNC Home Insight is an online tool that guides you through the home buying process from start to finish, making the entire mortgage process easier to understand. Our custom-built environment brought PNC Home Insight to life, immersing attendees in a self-guided, informative journey through the home. Guests were incentivized to participate with prizing that catered to a Realtor’s need – a camera drone capable of creating home fly-over footage.

Knowing the entrepreneurial nature of Realtors, at the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and Triple Play REALTOR® Convention & Trade Expo, we gamified the experience, adding an element of fun and competition. Realtors were able to test their industry knowledge through a series of interactive quizzes highlighting PNC’s Home Insight tools. Upon completion, attendees earned a key – a chance to unlock the door and win the drone.

Although the drone was a primary traffic driver to the booth, realtors were genuinely engaged with the informational quizzes. Compared to previous years, our entertaining and educational approach resonated more deeply with Realtors, most of whom spent 14-17 minutes on average inside the booth and 33-37% opted in to receive additional information.


  • 980 registrations
  • 698 Scan to Win
  • 71% rate of completion
  • 14:20 mins average time spent in booth
  • 107 repeat visitors
  • 875 total opt-ins (193 opted in to all 3 quizzes; 37% average opt-in rate for single quiz

Triple Play:

  • 649 registrations
  • 509 Scan to Win
  • 78% rate of completion
  • 17:43 mins average time spent in booth
  • 14 repeat visitors
  • 652 total opt-ins (136 number of attendees who opted in to all 3 quizzes; 33% average opt-in rate for single quiz)
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