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PPC Management


Google may be the world’s largest search engine, but advertising is their single largest source of revenue. There’s a reason for that – pay-per-click campaigns are one of the most reliable ways to generate web traffic, leads, and conversions. There’s no better time to put your brand in front of consumers than when they’re already searching for terms relevant to you, and pay-per-click campaigns accomplish just that. Unfortunately, many PPC campaigns are unsuccessful.

The key problem is that most companies suffer from poor pay-per-click campaign management. Your campaign is in constant competition with others, and without a rock-solid management strategy, you’ll outspend your revenue increases.



ExcelForce PPC team closely monitors clients’ campaigns. We perform regular reviews of:

Keyword Performance: We rank keywords by performance, and compare performance to the projections we developed during research. Tracking individual keyword performance and trends over time allows us to key in on those keywords that are driving the most traffic and the most revenue so that we can continually make the best use of your budget.



We take the information that we gather during our regular monitoring and use it to make constant improvements to your campaign. There are often times when a simple change to your ad copy or keyword bidding rules can have a strong positive impact on the relevance of your traffic, conversion rates, and revenue growth. We look for these opportunities to improve and implement them constantly.


While we use measured data to drive our ideas for improvement, no new effort is a sure thing until it’s been proven during testing. When we implement something new, we pay extremely close attention to how it performs versus historical trends. If a change doesn’t bring improvement, we go back to the drawing board until we find what works.

ExcelForce process requires a focus on alignment with consumer expectations. Pay-per-click is putting ads in front of consumers based on their search engine queries.

ExcelForce will help you focus on these three areas with a targeted keyword strategy that’ll lead to fantastic results. We don’t believe in black hat techniques or gimmicks, focusing instead on transparency, intelligence, and optimisation.When you choose us as your SEO consultants, we constantly monitor your ranking for every keyword included in your SEO strategy and develop improvements to drive you up the rankings and keep you at the top. You’ll receive monthly reports with summarised metrics that you can easily understand, and we’ll always tie our results to your bottom line.


By combining our years of experience, critical analysis, constant optimisation, intelligent bid optimisation, and a clear understanding of client objectives, ExcelForce is able to offer a pay-per-click management service that is head and shoulders above any competitor.Is your pay-per-click campaign failing to meet expectations? Speak with one of our experts today. At ExcelForce , we pride ourselves on transparency, honesty, and being a reliable source of digital marketing knowledge. We’ll help you review your current strategy and goals and decide if ExcelForce PPC campaign management services are a wise addition to your marketing strategy.

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