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Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Pagerank has long been a key measure of a website’s authority and influence. Put simply, pagerank is a logarithmic score between 0 and 10 that indicates the overall quality and quantity of links pointing to your website.

Over time, Google’s pagerank algorithm has become more complex, leading to a focus on quality links from relevant sites. What this means is that today’s pagerank is an accurate and valuable indicator of a brand’s web authority; much more so than in the past when links could be bought or bargained for in an effort to game the system.

While pagerank is important, it’s just one of the 200+ factors that search engines use to rank your site in search results. When ExcelForce measures a brand’s reputation, we dive deep into your digital footprint and network to develop a complete report of how well-known and represented your brand is online.


Social media is much more important to brands today than it was when Google launched back in 1998, and it’s a major part of how we measure brand reputation today. We quantify the volume, breadth, and quality of how users interact with your brand on social media platforms. This helps us understand your overall social influence beyond the easily quantified metrics like likes, shares, and followers.


Links are more important now than ever before, and also much more difficult to come by. Brands who attempt to artificially inflate their link network through purchased links or black hat link building are regularly penalised by search engines, making quality links a high-value commodity, and an accurate metric of brand authority.

Brand Searches

An important part of SEO lies in making sure that your brand dominates it’s own search results. As you build your digital presence, competitors will begin to target your brand name and branded terms with SEO and PPC efforts. We look to search results to see how effectively you’re building and managing your brand’s presence online.


You can’t control everything said about your brand online, but you can monitor search results for negativity. We keep a close eye on branded terms as well as other relevant terms for negative content related to your brand. We also work with you to overcome negative results through ethical white-hat efforts.

Your brand’s reputation should grow and improve over time. We work with clients around the world to develop long-term strategies aimed at helping them improve brand awareness and reputation. This involves monitoring social activity, keyword rankings, inbound links, and brand related content on other websites. Our SEO reputation management has helped clients build and improve their reputations online for over a decade.

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