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Sales promotion examples

    Sales promotion examples

    You will need to use some form of promotion to encourage sales of your product or service.

    Sales promotions are often original and creative and there are many popular options, for example:

    incentives such as bonus points, vouchers, money-off coupons, competitions and prize draws
    time-sensitive incentives can be used to encourage customers to purchase immediately rather than waiting for a better deal or shopping elsewhere
    promotional messages via new media including websites and mobile phones that support sales promotions
    point-of-sale materials and product demonstrations
    free gifts and loyalty points
    discounted prices
    joint promotions – between brands owned by the same company or with a brand from another company
    free samples
    fair-trade and cause-related products such as those which help charities
    finance deals – no or low finance, or buy now pay later
    first time customers can be offered special deals in order to help turn them from browsers into purchasers
    online coupons for customers who have registered for an account or subscribed to a newsletter
    It is important to ensure that any promotions and offers will still make you a profit even if very successful and taken up by lots of customers.

    Strategically, pricing is very important as it is related to product positioning and affects other marketing elements such as product features, distribution and promotion.

    There are many ways to price a product, for example:

    premium pricing – a high price for unique products or services
    penetration pricing – an artificially low price to gain market share before the price is increased
    economy pricing – no-frills low price usually associated with economy brands
    promotional pricing
    For further information see price your product or service.

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