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SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

The average website sees 60% of it’s traffic come from organic search. The volume and relevance of that traffic is a key issue for many brands, and is a core factor driving SEO efforts. Search engine optimisation is intended to elevate a site over it’s peers, driving a higher volume of relevant traffic, leading to increased market share and dominance.

As we’re a fully featured digital marketing agency, we understand the role that SEO plays within a complete marketing strategy, and how broader marketing goals drive research, development, and optimisation of SEO campaigns.

When you partner with ExcelForce for your SEO needs, we take the time to build a deep understanding of who you are, what you do, who you serve, and who you’re competing against. If we’re not the architects behind your marketing strategy, we work with you until we understand that strategy in detail. Once these benchmarks are met, we establish an SEO strategy consisting of four key stages:


We build a list of keywords that are relevant to your brand, your message, and your audience. We delve into head-, torso- and long-tail keywords, which have been proven to provide more targeted traffic and higher conversion rates when used appropriately. Our SEO strategists use competitive research tools to gain a further understanding of the market, and to learn about your competitors.


Our content creators, copywriters, and web developers go to work on your website. We design the copy on your website to include targeted keywords and related phrases and work with your content planning team to develop an SEO focused content calendar. We make major contributions to the technical SEO aspects of your website, including site architecture, link structure, URL design, and HTML functions.


We measure the performance of your content, web pages, and keywords on a constant basis. We use the information we gather to add and remove keywords from your strategy, adjust site architecture, build strong links, and develop content targeted at keywords that are driving the most targeted traffic to your site.


We build a comprehensive set of monthly reports that help you understand the impact that your SEO efforts are having on your revenue growth. These reports take the guesswork out of SEO, and are always easy to understand and relevant to your business goals.

ExcelForce is a leading digital marketing agency with a full suite of SEO services. We’ve developed SEO strategies that received perfect scores in independent audits, and have helped clients around the world reach the front page of search engine results. If you’re serious about leveraging search engine traffic as part of a broader growth strategy, ExcelForce is here to help.

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