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SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

Whether you’re just launching your website, or looking to climb the rankings with an existing site, SEO analysis is a great place to start. SEO analysis is an in-depth review of your website’s SEO-related factors. The final report includes data that you can use as part of your ongoing SEO strategy to rise through search rankings and improve your organic traffic from search engines.

ExcelForce team was behind Cheapflight’s SEO strategy, which drove them to the top of the search results for highly competitive travel-related search terms and received a perfect score in an independent audit.

We evaluate a variety of factors when analysing your website’s SEO optimisation, including:

  • Content
  • Architecture
  • HTML


Search engines strive to provide the best, most relevant content for a given search term. We evaluate your content for the following keys:

  • Substance: Content should offer a reasonable amount of relevant information for a given term
  • Quality: Is the content on your pages well written?
  • Keyword use: Does the content include keywords that might be entered into search engines?
  • Research: Are the keywords that you’re trying to rank for the right ones?


We’ll evaluate your site to make sure that your link structure and overall design are search engine friendly.

  • URLs: Your URLs should follow a site-wide structure, and support on-page SEO with specific formatting.
  • Crawlability: If crawlers can’t read your site, they can’t index it, and it won’t show up in search.
  • Performance: Does your site load quickly and work well on mobile devices?


Organic traffic is one of the most important factors in the long-term success of a website on today’s internet. We don’t know every detail of how Google and other search engines crawl, evaluate, and rank a website, but we do know that they place a heavy focus on well-written, relevant content, cohesive architecture, and quality HTML structure.

  • Structure: Does your structured data enhance your page listings:
  • Description: Are your meta tags accurate and in-line with the content on the page?
  • Stuffing: Are you over-using your keywords?

Our SEO experts will gladly perform an in-depth analysis of your website and strategy. We’ll evaluate the factors listed above as well as other factors which we’ve learned to consider when optimising a website for SEO. We’ll deliver a report to you with our findings accompanied by recommendations for future improvement. Of course, we’ll be glad to partner with you on an ongoing basis to deploy an improved SEO strategy and help you rise through search results, just as we’ve done for Cheapflights and many of our other clients.

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