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Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing & POS

We work with brands to leverage the retail environment. We have experience in developing concepts to ensure increased distribution, off shelf feature, increased rate of sale and enhanced consumer/Shopper Engagement and Shopper Marketing.

We also understand the strategic side of building your buyer, trade and press relationships whilst ensuring you engage your internal sales team.

Our in-house artwork studio allows us to offer a variety of POS support solutions for several clients. We also work with a best in class field agency to ensure premium installation of all POS, when required

Shopper marketing

The path to purchase begins here
Understanding consumer desires is essential to winning over hearts and wallets. Our proven expertise for delivering magical, memorable and meaningful brand experiences allows us to seamlessly integrate key experiential marketing principles into our shopper marketing approach for brands.

We help in a myriad of ways, from highly engaging front-of-store activation and disruptive point-of sale (POS) materials, to plotting out the full path to purchase.

An integrated and compelling approach enriches the shopper journey. It begins with a commitment to engaging customers, and then being in the right place, at the right time, in the right way.

What is it?

Shopper marketing is the act of directly engaging and converting customers to a brand or product within a retail environment.

We have a very clear shopper mission. We grab attention with compelling stimulus, communicate USPs in an engaging way, lock-down the purchase and then actively promote shopper engagement beyond the sale. It’s simple, integrated and effective.

How does it work?

Our vast understanding of retail environments, opportunities and limitations means we take a versatile and creative approach to achieving our shopper mission, every single time. We overcome barriers to purchase through an approach that encompasses merchandising, the customer experience and pricing and promotional strategy, providing guidance on campaign POS design and production, environmental stimulus, sales promotions and sampling techniques.

How do other brands use it?
Each and every day brands directly target consumers – but it takes a lot to get shopper marketing right.

Ultimately everything we do is about building brands. From redefining aspects of major global icons to building starts ups, we have the processes and systems in place to ensure we take a measured approach.

We are able to offer our clients a holistic view of their brand and communications or work on defined aspects of redesigns, positionings and strategies.

We help brands harness the power of strategic partnerships and negotiate the relevant sole and exclusive rights packages to suit any budget.

Right time, right place, right audience – 3 simple rules to how we approach

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