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Summer Promotions Idea

The goal of marketing is to find ways to help people find and then remember you. Take advantage of this season to make your mark during summer.

The Summer Season
When you think of this time of year, warm weather, vacations, and the outdoors come immediately to mind. Associating your promotions with those seasonal interests will automatically connect you with your audience.

Warm Weather Activities – Being outdoors is part of summer. Promotional items can be targeted to the recipients’ activities as spectators or participants. Connecting your company with an enjoyable experience will help build positive associations for you. You can do this by imprinting game supplies like balls, bags, gloves, clothing, etc. with your contact information.

Vacations – With the kids out of school and seasonal schedule changes, many families plan to take a trip. Maps, auto supplies, luggage accessories, hats, and travel information are all appreciated by customers. Providing these items will build long-term visibility for you.

Outdoor Experiences – People enjoy being out-of-doors when the weather is warm and that offers another chance to provide useful or memorable promotions. You can also use the summertime as a time to do a clearance sale.

  • Sidewalk Sale – Create a festive atmosphere by taking the merchandise from your store outside. This will attract interest from passers-by and advertise the special blowout celebration.
  • Fair – Partner with other businesses near yours to hold a joint event. Add banners, flags and balloons to go with sales booths. Add games, street entertainers, and special foods to create the atmosphere of a street fair.
  • Picnic or Camping supplies – As with sports activities, tagging giveaways with your contact branding will bring your organization top of mind when the clothing or equipment is used.

Summer Promotions

The goal with all marketing is to showcase your business. You want your events to attract customers and to keep them feeling positively about you after they’ve left. Promotional products that are perfect for the summer are trip organizers, tote bags, beach towels, water bottles, stadium cups, bag tags, and baseball caps. All of these practical items make great summer giveaways – especially when they are used along with a promotional event. For more summer promotion ideas check out these products.

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