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Targeting consumer audiences using telemarketing

    Targeting consumer audiences using telemarketing


    You can ensure that you target the correct group of customers and potential customers for your product or service by obtaining telemarketing lists. These lists need to be ‘clean’ – ie only contain details of individuals and organisations that have consented to receive sales calls. Any customers who do not wish to receive calls will have joined specialised lists such as a ‘do not contact’ list.

    Even if customers are on preference lists, there are certain ways to target the correct audiences for your products or services. For example, you could consider:

    Contacting people that are new to an area – you can access new telephone numbers before people are registered on ‘do-not-call lists’. This audience is often in the market for products and services related to setting up new households.
    Customising your pitch to make it appropriate to your audience – you could consider adjusting your data to target specific demographics like age, location, or profession.
    Developing lists that are based on particular interests. You can run contests or drawings at events – ideal places where you can capture opted-in information.


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