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The Importance of Vision for Your Business

What if for a few minutes you were living your mountaintop experience? You envisioned a time when everything was going great. A time you left all your limiting thoughts behind; about not having enough money, time or not enough experience. Imagine yourself at the end of the journey celebrating your success.Coming from that Vision, you act, think, become that person on the mountaintop. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and dreaming – using your IMAGINATION.

Walt Disney was a dreamer and built an empire by using his imagination. He turned his dream into a kingdom. He referred to the teams of people he worked with as “Imagine-eers” believing deeply in the power of Imagining. He used the pictures in his mind to bring his dream into form.As he started out building his small business he had his share of setbacks but he was so driven by his vision that nothing deterred him; not even bankruptcy or betrayal when his producer hired away most of his  animators and took over the production of the his best animated cartoon in his own studio.

Walt Disney’s story of success is one that many entrepreneurs can relate to and often strive to replicate and as Disney said, “Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.”Disney was Vision Driven. Are you Driven by Your Vision or ruled by Limiting Circumstance?  Living in your Vision is an expansive and creative way of being.

However, most small business owners fail because they focus on their limiting circumstance.

3 things that make small business owners fail:

1. Business owners forget their ‘Why’. Why they began the business in the first place.

  • They lose touch with their purpose
  • They forget what matters
  • Lose sight of their passion to make a difference (their mission)

2. They start focusing on the problem rather than the opportunity ….they can’t see what they can do because they are so focused on what is not working and by doing this the problems expand.

They focus on the lack:

  • not enough revenue
  • not enough time
  • not enough support
  • not enough clients

3. Not having an “image in mind” for what they would love the business to look like…. the key words here are “in mind”… your vision. Everything is created twice. First in your mind and then created into reality.

Using the tool of ‘Living from your Vision’ makes anything possible. What would you love? By making this shift you change the word “struggle” to “opportunity for growth”!

Asking yourself questions such as:

  • What would it look like if it all turned out? (What if…)
  • What does the successful business that you have  ‘in mind’ look like?

“What can I do in 15 minutes?”

or even

“What can I do in the next 5 minutes?”

“I live in the world of my vision, and you can too.”

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