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Tips for Engagement Marketing

5 Tips for Engagement Marketing: Ask not how you can sell, ask how you can help.

Engagement marketing is all about providing value, creating a conversation, inspiring, entertaining, Ask not how you can sell, ask how you can help. Today engaging customers is all about providing them with more value in a meaningful and authentic way.

Follow these five tips to surely keep your attendees engaged with your brand.

1.) Offer Customers Genuine Value

Engagement marketing means leading with value, not with interruption. Content should be useful to customers for it to be meaningful, otherwise, it’s simply noise.

2.) Build a Community

Give your customer an opportunity for dialogue. Not simply with your brand but with the community. You can get a conversation going by asking for opinions and insights, weighing in on interesting trends.

3.) Inspire People

One of the key parts of engagement marketing which are commonly overlooked is giving consumers the opportunity to form a dialogue with each other. Get the conversation started by asking for input on products. Get some opinions flowing in and insights, and not just from the customers which completely love your product. Get the opinions from people that aren’t happy with your products or a particular customer service experience they may have encountered. This is your opportunity to change their mind or to receive valuable insight about how things are going from the customer perspective.

4.) Provide Entertainment Value

We all seek entertainment. Whether that be via gaming, music, performance, art, or contests like scavenger hunts, everyone likes being entertained. This can be a great opportunity in engagement marketing. It helps consumers gain interest in your product or service while providing the consumer with tremendous value and generating memories.

5.) Keep the Conversation Going

Keep a constant dialogue happening with your customers.

It’s about having an ongoing conversation. More doing and less saying. This is the process that leads to intimacy and advocacy.  Customers don’t just tune-in when you’re launching a new product, there is a need to have a ongoing presence with your customer. How can you do this? Frequently innovating. Being highly responsive to inquiries. The ultimate goal of Engagement Marketing is to build that emotional connection between the brand and consumer.

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