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What is Snapdeal seller Registration?

    What is Snapdeal seller Registration?
    If you have a business of your own and willing to expand your customer base, there is no better way to do it than to explore the e-commerce market. Unlike common belief that it online marketing of goods is a tedious process, it is actually quite straight forward. In you are willing to list your goods on the Snapdeal’s website you are required to complete seller registration on the portal. After successful registration, you can market your product through this website.

    However, this service is not free. For providing this online platform Snapdeal charges a percentage on every order placed through them.

    About Snapdeal
    With the boom in E-commerce industry many entrepreneurs have ventured into it in the last two decades. One such pair was Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal who established their company Snapdeal in the year 2010. Since then they haven’t looked back. Currently, more than 30 million products are listed on their e-commerce platform including domestic as well as international products.

    Over the years it has secured funding from various major investors like Nexus Ventures, Alibaba Group, are SoftBank Corp etc. and with its expansion it has even acquired many budding startups like Freecharge,


    Who can apply for Snapdeal Seller registration?
    Following people are allowed to apply for Snapdeal Seller registration:

    An Individual Snapdeal
    If any individual is managing a business by themselves as a sole proprietor then such person can expand its market place without expanding is scale of operation by applying for Snapdeal Seller registration.

    Any company registered under Companies Act, 2013 either as private, public or a One Person Company can also apply.

    Limited Liability Partnership
    Any entity registered under LLP ACT, 2008 can also be a an applicant for Snapdeal Seller registration.

    Partnership Firm
    If you are operating your business with your partner via your Partnership Firm registered under The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 than such partnership Firm can also apply for this seller registration on Snapdeal.

    Minimum Requirements for Snapdeal Seller registration
    PAN Card
    In order to apply for Snapdeal Seller registration the most important part is that the applicant must have a Pan Card. If the applicant is a Sole proprietorship then PAN Card of the proprietor is required to be submitted. However, if the applicant is a registered entity like a company, Limited Liability Partnership, Partnership Firm etc. then the PAN Card of such business entity is required to be submitted.

    What is Snapdeal seller Registration?
    If you are starting a new business and then before starting Snapdeal seller registration then it is recommended to get the business registration done choosing a business model most suitable for your setup. It is recommended to choose a stable business structure if you are planning to venture into online marketing for your business as it helps in esy expansion and raising capital.

    GST Registration
    As per Goods and Service Tax Act if any supplier or goods is planning to market its products through any e-commerce portal then GST registration is a mandatory requirement. Even for Snapdeal Seller registration the e-commerce organization specifies that the applicant must specify its GSTIN at the time of filing Snapdeal Seller registration application.

    Bank Account Details
    If you are planning for Snapdeal Seller registration then along with the above mention pre-requisites its is essential that the applicant must have an operating Bank account in its name. If the applicant is an entity then the bank account must be in its name and not in the name of its promoter.

    Benefits of Snapdeal Seller Registration
    Benefits of Snapdeal Seller Registration

    Serves Different Geographical Areas-
    Snapdeal seller registration allows your business to serve customers in different geographical areas. This will improve the amount of reputation for the company. Sellers registering themselves under this process would get different forms of allied benefits.

    Millions Sellers Registered-
    Snapdeal serves different forms of sellers. Through Snapdeal seller registration process, different sellers can place their products in marketplace for selling online.

    Quick and Transparent Process for Payments-
    Sellers registered on Snapdeal can seamlessly carry out different transactions.

    Documents/Information required for Snapdeal Seller Registration
    In order to apply for Snapdeal Seller registrations following documents are required to be submitted:

    PAN Card of the applicant.
    If applicant is a sole Proprietorship then PAN Card of such sole proprietor will be required. If any registered entity is the applicant than PAN Card of such registered legal entity.

    Address Proof of the applicant.
    In case individual is an applicant then his/her Aadhar Card or any other address proof will suffice. In case any registered entity is the applicant

    GST Registration Certificate
    As we discussed in order to market your products through e-commerce portal GST registration of the supplier is mandatory. Thus, GST registration Certificate is a mandatory requirement.

    Contact Details
    For Snapdeal Seller Registration the applicant is required to provide a unique mobile number and email id which are verified by them and use for every official communication.

    1 Cancelled cheque
    The applicant is required to submit the details of their current account details with them for Snapdeal seller registration. For this purpose a cancelled cheque must be submitted. This is important as all the financial transactions are done through this bank account.

    Snapdeal Seller registration Process
    Following steps are to be followed for Snapdeal Seller Registration:

    Step 1: Make sure you comply with all the minimum requirements for Snapdeal seller registration and have all the documents required for registration

    Step 2: Open the URL

    Step 3: Once on the page, provide your Goods and Service Tax Identification Number in the ‘Register Now’ field and submit. It will automatically fetch your organization’s name and Pan Number

    Step 4: Now provide contact details (mobile number and email id) and they will be verified.

    Step 5: Now submit bank account details and upload required documents.

    Step 6: Once signing up is completed the applicant is required to sign Snapdeal Partnership Agreement to finalize the details of Snapdeal Seller Registration.

    Step 7: After completing the formalities setup Snapdeal seller dashboard and catalogue your products

    Step 8: Once everything is completed you can start selling your product through Snapdeal. On every sale executed through them you will receive confirmation through email and mobile number.

    Our experts at Enterslice are always ready to provide the required guidance and services like GST Registration, Company Registration required for this Snapdeal seller registration.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I register my products on Snapdeal?
    First and foremost you have to go for the process of Snapdeal seller registration. Under this you must provide the details. You will receive professional help once you complete the application. After this process you have to submit documents and then the registration process is completed. After registering you can include the catalogue of products.

    When was Snapdeal founded?
    Snapdeal was founded in the year 2010 as an online e-commerce website.

    Is selling on Snapdeal a simple process?
    Yes all the requirement what has to be carried out by the seller is to register on Snapdeal. After this the catalogue of products must be uploaded.

    Are there any form of subscription for sellers registered on Snapdeal?
    There is no form of subscription charges for sellers on Snapdeal.

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