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Work with an advertising agency

    Advertising can increase sales and raise brand awareness for your business as part of your marketing strategy. You can organise your own advertising directly with advertising providers, eg print publications, search engines, social media channels and radio stations. However, you may find it helpful to use an advertising agency if you feel you lack the knowledge or time.

    Advertising agencies can help you devise an advertising strategy. They can then create the advertising campaigns that will best promote your business. While using an agency will cost more than working directly with advertising providers, you will benefit from their knowledge and skills. Most agencies offer both creative design and advertising placement services.

    It’s important that you choose and effectively manage an agency that understands the needs of your business.

    This guide helps you select the right agency for your business. It outlines what you should put into an agreement with an agency and how, once you have struck a deal, you can best work together. It also advises you on ending the relationship with an agency.

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