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Corporate Event & Tradeshow Follow Up

Our Solutions are tailored to your business requirements to ensure the best possible ROI. Outsourcing your Follow up activity is beneficial to your business because we are driven by results and hungry to get commission paid on the converted leads

Are you interested in finding out exactly what attendees really thought about your event, meeting, conference or product launch? If you’ve invested money into such an event, it is extremely beneficial to follow this up by having us carry out event follow up research for you. This research can look into how successful your event was, depending on the aim of the event – it can also provide feedback to implement for future events.

Toucan’s event follow up service can also be incorporated with other marketing activities to support sales, as well as getting event feedback. We ensure this is done in a timely manner with the correct approach depending on the aims of the event, your event follow up could also be the difference between converting prospects into leads and buyers or losing leads.

We have a team of dedicated account managers and telemarketers that have successfully completed hundreds of post-event follow-up campaigns with proven success. Our fully-automated e-marketing services ensure that follow-up occurs in a timely manner, and the various methods the team use lead to a far higher prospect-to-lead conversion rate.

To ensure you can see a clear result from this service and the success of your event, we carry out regular status reports that reflect the value of your post-event follow-up campaign, which will show a clear return on investment in your event depending on your goals and requirements.

If you’re interested in Toucan’s event follow up service, get in touch today.

Campaign follow up services


Increase sales activity to new customers
Increase sales through existing channels / customers
Increase market share
Reduce Costs
You understand your business better than anyone, but sometimes you need professional help to achieve your sales goals and business objectives.

We are task oriented and won’t be distracted by other tasks which can be undertaken by your admin staff working internally

We will advise you the best practice follow up process based on our expertise

We can be switched on and off when you need us to follow up your campaigns

We can scale up or down our team depending on how much resources you will require for a particular campaign

We will appoint a dedicated project manager looking after your campaign

We work externally and always stay away from office politics – just focused on achieving results with no excuses

Our philosophy is to do “whatever it takes” to get results for our clients.

Following up leads is not limited to a phone call – face to face meetings with your prospects are a part of what we do

We close deals

Let us help you plan and execute a great marketing strategy.

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