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Food Product & Beverages Product Marketing Agency

We create, launch and grow ​food and beverage brands.

Our food & beverage clients come to us because they know our work will give them the extra edge they need to succeed in today’s overchoiced, highly competitive marketplace. From finding unique white space for product innovation, to creating a brand that connects emotionally, to developing compelling marketing support that drives trial, SIM provides the insight that leads to ideas that create marketplace momentum.

Marketing has a wealth of experience turning insight into compelling marketing and communication strategies that drive breakthrough marketing results. We have developed compelling brands,  launched scores of new products and created award-wining advertising.  From defining the brand identity to creating transaction-driving advertising, we can help sell more, to more people, more often.

Food Marketing. Food products often involve the general marketing approaches and techniques applied the marketing of other kinds of products and services. In food marketing, topics such as test marketing, segmentation, positioning, branding, targeting, consumer research, and market entry strategy,

Food marketing is defined as a chain of marketing activities that take place within the food system between a food organisation and the consumer.This has the potential to be a complicated procedure, as there are many processes that are used prior to the sale the food product. These include food processing, wholesaling, retailing, food service and transport. Due to these many processes, a multitude of organisations have to be involved in the sale of one food product

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing service we assist you our clients with reaching your target customers.

we can help with everything from planning and design to production and delivery ensuring your direct marketing campaigns are delivered on time to the highest quality.Using our data driven marketing expertise, we can help you leverage what you already know about your customers, to strengthen and grow those relationships and begin new ones.

Door to Door selling, Door to Door Marketing

Door to Door selling: offering products for sale by going door-to-door in a neighborhood. door to door within a community or household to household, face to face field marketing is also called personal selling or door to door marketing, customers are met directly in order to sell their products, using this method of field marketing we rely on our skills and persuasive abilities.

Sales Staff Services

We will work with you to understand your objectives and your requirements. Then we will plan a trial and use the learnings from it to build a bespoke field sales team for you, with the appropriate level of training, accreditation and field management. We can provide you with skilled sales staff for tactical, short term campaigns or if your strategy is to a build a standalone acquisition channel, we can do that too.

Retail Store Marketing

Fulcrum is a dynamic-retail marketing agency born in tradition, fueled by innovation, and living at the intersection of commerce and imagination. Driven by a commitment to making the buy happen for global brands, Fulcrum is celebrating more than three decades of re-imagining retail.

Retail selling: in-store assistance from a sales clerk to help customers find, select, and purchase products that meet their needs


  • Assisted Retail Selling 
  • Customer Acquisition
  • In-store Sampling & Demonstrations
  • In-store Merchandising
  • Retailer Relationship Management
  • Roadshows and In-Store Theatre
  • Grand Openings & Grand Re-Openings
  • Field Marketing
  • Mall Marketing
  • Retail Brand Visibility
  • In-Shop Product Display
  • Retail Activation & Events
  • Store Launches
  • Trade Marketing Campaigns
  • Footfall Generation Campaigns

Speciality store :
we will research and find out the best speciality store that sells only the type of product/ service that you sell, so that we can put your product or service on their shelf.

We help you in placing your product in the supermarkets. So that you will be able to sell your product in large volumes.

Convenience Stores:
A convenience store is conveniently located in suburban areas and so they charge slightly high price for the products. Hence, selling your product at such stores may be beneficial for the business.

Factory outlet:
If you have a factory outlet we would help you in making marketing strategies about how to promote your product.


Auditing takes the reps out off the front line and away from the consumer. Auditing teams are used by marketers to monitor traditional marketing strategies that they put in place across retail. Most of all audits ensure that the brand is represented as it should be on shelves and around retail hot spots.

When it comes to guerrilla marketing the gloves are off. They are usually low budget campaigns but with the right imagination and ideas they offer up some unprecedented results. Furthermore the term ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ itself is used to refer to campaigns that surprise consumers in locations and ways they might not usually expect. For that reason the experience remains with the consumer.

Food Product Brand Promotions

Food promotions Are activities that revolve around a central food theme.

Objectives of promotions:

1. To increase sales in low periods 2. To give regular guests something different 3. To attract new customers 4. To establish that the property is exciting always. 5. To break the routine of existing staff.

Fulcrum is a full-service brand promotion agency leveraging a Brand Promotion and Traditional Marketing mix to accelerate your brand’s growth. Our name is a union of “Fulcrum” and “Resources.” We elevate all of the events that take place in your business including increasing Events, reducing friction from your commerce checkout process, and helping you throughout the entire marketing ecosystem.

Benefits of food product Promotions

1. It generates word-of-mouth publicity.

2. It increases customer awareness in other market segments.

3. It helps the property in being seen in a more positive light.

4. It improves the morale of staff, which gets bored with daily routine.

5. It is conducted at a relatively low cost if other partners are co- opted into the promotion.

6. It solves many problems at once.

Increase your reach with our local field team, mall, and society . We’re your brand development catalyst for everything on the ground  events , and far beyond!

Design, Develop or Activate Your Event Marketing

Planning =======> Activation =======>Reporting

Our Brand Promotion Vision:
To be the powerhouse for Brand Promotion ideas and excellent execution.

Our Brand Promotion Mission:
Positively impacting people’s lives through creating employment that allows growth and development. Growing client brands by successfully executing campaigns.

Connect With Your Customers

We understand that consumer decision making is a largely emotional, subconscious process, so building an authentic connection with your customer is key. Utilising the tangible insights gained from our research, we then craft brand experiences that will connect fully with your consumer and influence their subconscious decision making.


Brand Activation
BTL Activation
In-Shop Activation
Mall & Market Activities
In-shop Activities
Kiosk Activities
Product Launch Activities

Shopper  & Retail Marketing
Direct sales
Sales promotion
Consumer sales promotions
Trade sales promotions
Promotions team

Product launches
Product sampling
Rural Area Activities
Free Sampling Activities
Demonstration Activities
Society Activities

We Will Search And Appoint Food & Beverage Distributors

With an increasing demand for your product due to an expanding customer base, it may no longer be efficient for your company to be handling all of the associated transportation and distribution. If you are looking to take your sales to the next level, it may be time to consider going through a food distributor.

A food distribution company helps manufacturers like you get more of your products onto store shelves in an efficient, methodized manner. They become an integral part of your business’s supply chain. Companies usually make the leap to using a distributor when the costs and stress associated with direct marketing become adverse to the company’s growth.

A distributor will take over many of the tasks associated with transporting your product to retailers. They will buy your product from the warehouse or manufacturer at a below retail price, and then deliver it to retailers, professional kitchens, restaurants, or wherever else your product is to be sold. If you pick the right distributor, they may have enough influence in the marketplace to get your product out to a wider audience. Partnering with a distributor can be essential to increasing your company’s profits and taking advantage of economies of scale.

The most trusted way to start or get in to a business is by being agents, dealers and distributors. This way of doing business as a franchisee has been going on for decades and is proved to be the turning stone for success. Fulcrum brings numerous of business opportunities for you in dealers & distributors with ease and comfort. Opportunities in dealers & distributors include areas like electronics, clothing, security, home products, resellers, FMCG and many more.

People across the globe love to eat and drink making the food and drinks sector grow day by day. This has created a lot of opportunities in the distribution of food products in India. Become a distributor for food items, ready-to-eat snacks, fmcg products, organic food, juices, soft drinks and many more. You can also deal in organic food products, organic food, natural foods, breakfast food, breakfast food items, food ingredients, chocolate, potato chips, sugar, tea, edible oil, candy, jams, turmeric powder, noodles, basmati rice, coriander powder, edible salt, soybean oil, red chilli powder, mustard oil, toffee, junk food and earn attractive returns on your investments. Open up your earning avenues by choosing from our comprehensive list of companies serving the market.

Understand Your Industry’s Distribution Channels

There are many ways a product can go from manufacturer to retailer. Not all wholesalers serve the same market. Understanding your industry’s distribution channels, and knowing where you fit in the supply chain can help you find the right wholesale supplier for your retail or online business. Different types of wholesalers include:

  • Manufacturer: For some products, you can buy directly from the manufacturer. This is basically what a “boutique” store does — buys from small (sometimes one person) manufacturers.
  • Importer/Exclusive Distributor: In some industries, a company might have the sole rights to import and distribute a product in a certain country. Some may sell directly to retailers, but more often, they set up or sell to smaller local wholesalers.
  • Wholesaler/Regional Distributor: There are usually regional wholesalers who take delivery of boxcar-sized lots, break them down and sell truckload boxes of products to local wholesalers.
  • “Sales Agent , Supplier ”: These individuals make daily deliveries to local grocers and retail brick-and-mortar stores.
Each product industry has its own unique distribution channels. Some retailers will move enough volume to bypass jobbers, or maybe in a smaller industry, importers sell directly to retailers.

We Find Wholesale Distributor For Your Product

There are a few methods to finding a food distributor that will work for your product. You can start by entering a search query for the type of distributor you are looking for, and narrow down your choices from there. Another effective approach is to simply ask around. Talk to the retailers where your product is currently sold, and see which distributors they work with.

It also may be a good idea to figure out which distribution company your competitors are using. Going to trade shows or sales expos is a great way to network with other businesses who use distributors, and even potentially meet some distributors face to face.

Food Brokers

A food broker represents food brands and helps you get your products on shelves in an ever more competitive supermarket and specialty food retail environment. Think of a food broker as your partner as well as your outside sales force that becomes an integral part of your new product launch strategy.

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