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Marketing communication Strategies and Planning

    introduction to marketing

    the role of marketing within a firm

    customer wants and needs marketing decisions

    product placement promotion and price are four elements of the marketing mix

    siva solution incentive information value and access

    the marketing exchange

    relationship building with various stakeholders

    the marketing environment

    marketing by individuals and firms

    marketing methods used to deliver value

    evolution of the marketing orientation

    contemporary relationship marketing

    business marketing

    social marketing


    branding concepts and techniques

    value based marketing

    the development of value driven firms

    the importance of marketing

    marketing can play a key role in integrating supply chain processes and promoting

    global marketing strategies

    consumer awareness

    careers in marketing

    types of marketing careers

    marketing as an entrepreneurial force

    importance of evaluating marketing performance

    marketing performance metrics

    methods for evaluating marketing performance

    marketing strategies and planning process

    customer satisfaction and loyalty is essential to any marketing plan

    strategic business units

    marketing planning and strategy is to produce multiple sources

    strategic views

    market penetration

    market development

    bcg matrix

    ge approach to strategic planning

    introducing the marketing plan

    what makes a marketing plan effective

    advantages of a marketing plan

    marketing plan advantages

    successful marketing planning

    marketing plan elements

    purpose of the marketing plan

    why a marketing plan is essential

    steps required to forecast

    steps to creating a marketing plan

    defining the business mission

    conducting a situational analysis

    defining the marketing objectives

    defining the target market

    creating a marketing mix

    managing marketing strategy

    the marketing environment 2

    external environment in marketing strategy

    internal factors


    calculating market share

    how competitors operate monitoring competition

    external factors

    consumer income purchasing power and confidence

    cultural values marketers must understand the cultures that govern customers buying habits

    demographics identify common demographic changes in the current marketplace

    different types of external factors or trends used in creating marketing strategies

    technology impact of technology on marketing

    use of new technologies in marketing and research

    marketing innovation trends

    introduction to consumers

    goals of consumer market research

    quantitative vs qualitative research

    what is quantitative research

    what is qualitative research

    the market research process

    marketing research data collection process

    developing insights and an action plan

    technology to assist market research

    what are market segmentation

    the importance of market segmentation

    developing a market segmentation

    identification of target markets

    concentrated targeting

    measuring a successful segmentation

    identification of target markets 2

    concentrated targeting 2

    conducting a segmentation

    segmentation for b2b marketing

    b2b businesses operate company

    evaluating market segments

    how to select targeted groups selecting target markets

    competitive perceptual positioning

    positioning bases

    the consumer decision process

    information search

    consumer decision process

    influences of personality on the consumer decision process

    social influences on the consumer decision process

    consumer experience factors influencing experience involvement and satisfaction

    business marketing 2

    what is business marketing

    b2b promotional mix

    b2b vs consumer marketing similarities and differences

    types of businesses

    business customer interactions

    customer concerns b2b companies implement client services or customer care processes

    purchase behavior

    purchase influences

    promotional methods promotional tools used in the b2b marketing mix

    industrial classification

    the business buying decision process

    stages of business buying

    business ethics in b2b

    customer service as a supplement to products

    the importance of services marketing

    services as products

    service marketing management and metrics

    client based relationships marketing

    marketing mixes for services

    siva solution incentive information value and access 2

    service quality

    trade and globalization

    are global corporations beneficial

    global marketing environment

    measuring the economic environment

    political and regulatory environment

    demographics of new markets

    important international bodies and agreements

    the world trade organization

    types of international business

    what is franchising

    multinational firms improved communication and technology

    outsourcing business functions

    contract manufacturing


    global marketing mix relationship between product and promotion

    promotional mix changes in promotion

    marketing mix changes in placement

    marketing mix changes in pricing

    global marketing and the internet

    introduction to price

    terms used to describe price

    the importance of price to marketers

    value and relative value

    competitive dynamics and pricing

    demand analysis

    the influence of supply and demand on price

    yield management systems

    inputs to pricing decisions

    pricing objectives

    why pricing objectives focus on delivering return on investment

    product quality

    general pricing strategies

    demand based pricing

    competitor based pricing

    markup pricing

    profit maximization pricing

    specific pricing strategies

    product line pricing

    pricing during difficult economic times

    pricing strategies everyday low pricing other pricing strategies

    pricing tactics

    value based pricing

    geographic pricing

    pricing legal concerns

    what is a product

    benefits and solutions

    what is a product 2

    benefits and solutions 2

    types of products consumer products and shopping products

    shopping products

    specialty products

    unsought products

    business products

    product line and product mix

    product life cycles

    impact of the product life cycle on marketing strategy

    managing existing products

    when to modify products

    new product development

    new product development strategy

    idea generation for new products

    concept testing

    business analysis

    developmentmarketing development stages of new product development

    test marketing the stage where all the variables in the marketing plan

    commercialization the process of launching a new product

    differentiating factors in product design

    organizational requirements for product development and management

    the spread of new products four main elements that influence the spread of new ideas and technologies

    branding a brand refers to a name term symbol or any other type

    value of branding long term profitability through increased customer loyalty

    what is the purpose of branding and why is it so important

    benefits of branding for the consumer manufacturer retailer

    brand loyalty consumer purchase behavior following perceived value satisfaction and brand trust

    benefits of brand loyalty

    brand equity measuring brand equity

    types of brands individual products ranges services organizations individuals

    brand ownership building a brand

    branding strategies different types of branding strategies

    packaging the purposes of packaging

    packaging strategies highlight key product attributes qualifiers branding images strategic value

    global considerations in branding and packaging

    marketing channels in the supply chain

    types of marketing channels direct selling selling through intermediaries dual distribution

    strategic selection of marketing channels

    channel intermediaries functions of agents wholesalers distributors and retailers

    streamlining distribution planning and efficient use of supply chain resources

    channel structures business to consumer and business to business marketing

    alternative channel arrangements additional types of marketing

    distribution channels member characteristics

    marketing channel strategy decisions

    distribution intensity different distribution intensity strategies

    marketing channel relationships

    marketing channel relationships channel power control and leadership

    channel partnerships are strategic collaborations

    introduction to integrated marketing communications

    benefits of integrated marketing communications

    integrated marketing communications process

    consumer perception of communication

    aida model

    what is the aida approach

    understanding promotion how promotional tools work together

    brand awareness and loyalty

    identifying prospects customers and understand their needs

    encouraging product trials free samples and discounts

    reminding and retaining customers

    the promotion mix

    developing a media plan advertising campaign

    personal selling different elements of personal selling

    sales promotion

    public relations message between an individual or organization and the public

    social media 3

    direct marketing 2

    types of direct marketing tools

    selecting the promotion mix for a particular product

    stages in the product life cycle

    the promotion mix is an element of the marketing mix

    target market characteristics

    characteristics of the product

    different types of buying decisions

    push and pull strategies are promotional strategies

    differentiate between trade and consumer promotions relative to a products marketing mix

    state the most common goals of integrated marketing communications campaigns

    imc budget marketing budgets aid in the planning of operations

    measuring success most important analyses used to measure marketing performance

    the growing importance of word of mouth

    types of advertising

    product advertising

    impacts of advertising

    consumer influence

    the advertising campaign product benefits in advertising campaigns

    identifying the target market how it impacts advertising strategies

    how campaign objectives are identified for an advertising campaign

    different types of advertising informative persuasive and reminder advertising

    focus of an advertisement

    determining a budget differentiate between fixed and variable budgeting strategies

    creating a media plan

    types of media and types of scheduling used in advertising campaigns

    creating advertisements

    measuring impact with data metrics from advertising campaigns

    public relations tools

    handling unfavorable publicity

    measuring effectiveness of public relations efforts

    personal selling 2

    value of personal selling

    the personal selling process

    requirements for a sales approach as part of personal selling and sales promotion

    sales presentation

    handling sales objections

    closing the sale

    following up

    crm and personal selling

    selling roles

    ways to remove friction in your b2b sales process

    types of selling team selling and relationship selling

    managing the sales force creating sales force structure territories and goals

    recruiting and selecting salespeople

    sales training

    motivating and compensating salespeople

    measuring sales force performance

    sales promotion 2

    promotion methods in consumer sales

    promotion methods in consumer sales rebates

    promotion methods in consumer sales premiums

    loyalty marketing impact of loyalty programs as a personal selling and sales promotion

    contests and sweepstakes how companies benefit from their use

    sampling what is sampling

    how to create an effective sampling program

    point of purchase promotions

    online sales promotion

    promotion methods in trade sales

    introduction to social media and digital marketing

    types of social media

    social media marketing communications

    digital marketing characteristics

    types of internet advertising

    mobile marketing is the practice of promoting brands

    social behavior of consumers

    types of consumer generated digital content

    social media and technology trends

    mobile consumer behavior

    targeting consumers where they spend time

    making appropriate changes to product placement promotion and pricing

    the marketing mix in the digital age

    the marketing mix in social media

    understanding apps in a marketing context

    trends in social media

    marketing research and consumer created content

    overview of ethics role of ethical moral reasoning in the business environment

    define ethics and how it applies to organizations

    ethical marketing policies to guide

    corporate social responsibility

    types of social responsibility sustainability

    introduction to corporate social responsibility

    types of social responsibility philanthropy

    social responsibility audits

    promoting ethical behavior through the planning process

    nonprofit marketing

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