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Marketing Terms Definitions

Ad visibility


ad viewability

ad exchange

acceptable ads

above the line

a b testing

after sales marketing

affinity marketing

affiliate marketing network

communication audit

cold calling

co op advertising

call to action cta

buzz marketing

business model canvas

business meeting

broadcast media

digital marketing strategy 

consumer decision journey

communication plan

direct marketing 3

direct mail marketing

digital marketing strategy

digital marketing 

digital marketing 3

display advertising display ads

direct response marketing 

lead nurturing

lead generation marketing


influencer marketing 

inbound marketing

image advertising


location based marketing 

local seo 

multichannel marketing

mobile app advertising

mobile advertising

material handling equipment market

marketing research

real time advertising rta

quantitative research

qualitative research



unique selling proposition usp

targeting definiton

targeting definiton 

target market

target audience

target audience 

what is a b testing

viral advertising

word of mouth marketing

marketing pitch

marketing message

marketing communications

marketing communications 

marketing channels

marketing campaign

marketing automation

market research 3

guerilla marketing

go to market strategy

google adwords


market research 

location based marketing

selling guide

selling guide 

sales marketing

sales funnel

branding 3

brand monitoring

brand marketing

customer empowerment

corporate media

native advertising

product launch

product distribution

permission marketing

performance marketing

partnership marketing


brand bidding

brand awareness

behavioral targeting

behavioral advertising


b b marketing

brand management

brand identity


brand commitment

outdoor advertising

how to brand yourself

local seo

lean management

customer relationship management

customer experience

facebook advertising

email marketing

email marketer

ecommerce business

e business

outbound marketing

online marketing

online marketing 

online customer loyalty

online advertising

one to one marketing

omnichannel retail marketing



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